Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gotta Love It

I really hate cops. I will tell you I have been pulled over and ticketed in my life more times then I have fingers. Recently it seems my luck has improved and Daniel's has rapidly plunged into the ground. He has been pulled over and ticketed twice within the past six days. He got pulled over on the way home from work for going 16 over and his ticket just happened to be for 16 over. The brainless cop couldn't even find it in his heart to reduce the ticket speed. Daniel didn't even realize he was going so fast considering he just turned a corner and he is still unsure since he never saw his speedometer reach 46 mph. The cop also so kindly gave him a warning for not having the proper address on his ID. Seriously? Does the cop not have internet access? Daniel changed it online since it would be useless to pay for a new license. He hasn't lived at his parents house since he was 18 and he has changed his address 3 times online since then. Did the cop not get the memo in his computer? Then today he gets pulled over for speeding and Daniel said the cop was nice and lowered it to 5 over from whatever speed he was going. I don't think that is a nice cop, a nice cop would have given a warning and let him get to school since that is where he was headed. Two tickets in six days, gotta love it.

In my personal opinion I think cops are retarded. If they actually did their job and protected the community from crime then I would not have a problem with them but they insist on ticketing the hard working citizens instead. Blah!

Anyway, this is the first week of many where Daniel and I will see less of each other. School started, Daniel's new job started and my schedule changed at Wingers. Daniel is taking 5 classes this semester most of them are Anthropology which is his Major. He is enjoying all his classes so far and he is also enrolled in a research group which will help him when it comes time to apply to med school. Daniel has been getting up extremely early to be at work and extremely early is defined by 5AM. Then he goes to school from 12:30 PM-5PM most days and then Mon-Sat he works at Wingers 5:30PM-Close. He is a very busy person right now. Since he doesn't work everyday at his CNA job he is working at Wingers still. Once he goes full time at Sunbrook he will only work probably 1-2 shifts at Wingers. I only work with him 4 shifts this week out of each of our 6 shifts which is sad and in a few weeks it will go down to 1-2 shifts. Sad. Its alright though we will have Tuesday from 5 until night then Saturday and Sundays from Noon to night with each other.

Monday, August 23, 2010

New York!

New York City was absolutely lovely. I would move there tomorrow if I had the chance. I loved everything in, about and around the great city. I wish I could say the same for Daniel but he just didn't enjoy it as much as I did. I am sure it had something to do with the fact that he went with 3 girls and we shopped all the time...it is one of my guilty pleasures.

We left for New York Friday, August 6, 2010 @ 5:00 PM Utah time and arrived in New York around 11 PM New York time. They are 2 hours later than us so it only felt like 9PM. So we took the subway and went and checked into our hotel. Then we went outside and walked around times square. No one was sleeping and no one looked tired it was crazy. Once we were finished browsing around times square we went to our hotel and crashed. When we woke up the next morning there were still a ton of people outside. Times square is always busy.Then we took the subway to go shopping and to Central Park!We then went to 5th Avenue for Central Park and shopping. We saw this globe thing outside of the subway and I still am not sure what it is. Everyone else probably does but I don't because I didn't pay any attention to what it was.Then we went to Central Park and it was so huge. We walked around for a couple hours and we barely walked any of the park. They had bicycle people who would give you rides and I am pretty sure we should have done that to see more of the park but we didn't.
Then we got hungry and everyone got a hot dog and I ate this nasty cheese filled pretzel. I was going to take a picture of Daniel's hot dog but he ate it in less than a second because he was so hungry.
Then we finally went shopping :) See the gorgeous store below. This is just one of the many gorgeous stores we walked into. They had everything it was like heaven on earth. From Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin to Chanel. They had EVERYTHING!
We saw a lot of Cathedrals in NY and they were all so beautiful. We shopped until we dropped on day one and it pretty much was the time of my life. Daniel and I are across the street as we are heading home from our long day. Sabrina and I lost our minds a little while Shelly was in the shower and we made Daniel be our photographer. We were jumping on the bed and being crazy for probably 20 minutes and these are only two of the bundle of photos Daniel took of us ha ha. On day 2 we had a lot of sites to see and aside from times square our second site of everyday was a subway. We went to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island and Lady Liberty is much smaller in person then I would have ever expected. It was neat and Daniel really liked it because he likes history and stuff like that. We obviously thought the subway was pretty neat. Then we arrived at Ground Zero and got to learn more about the monument that they are building here. They are building Freedom Towers in remembrance of 9-11.

Then we experienced our one and only, expensive, 5 minute Taxi ride! YAYAYAYAY!
China Town
Little Italy. It had some yummy food there.Then onto day 3. We started our by going to Madison Square Garden, which was a hot and sweaty tour because the air in the building was not working properly.
Then we went to the Empire State Building and Top of The Rock at the Rockefeller Center. They were pretty much the same exact thing but it was cool to see the city from up so high.

Then We went to the Library which was a dud. Someone said it was cool and it wasn't. We are thinking we went to the wrong one...Radio City was neat to see and from here we just finished up the day with more shopping.
The final day we woke up later in the day and went on a Circle Line Sight Seeing Cruise. We took a 3 hour cruise around Manhattan and it was pretty neat seeing all the bridges and the city from the water.

This is Daniel sleeping. We went on like 6 boat rides when we were in NY and he took a nap on every single one of them.
Our last night we saw Wicked. Daniel absolutely loved every moment of the show. I also liked it which is surprising considering my outlook on musicals. I am glad we were able to end the trip with something that Daniel absolutely enjoyed.

Then we headed to the airport at like 2:30 AM NY time and arrived in Utah, Wednesday, August 11 at 11 AM. We slept all day Wednesday when we arrived at our house. The trip was such a blast and totally wore us out :)
Thursday I went with Maddie to the Zoo for her 22nd birthday and we also visited Aunt Connie for her 42nd birthday! Yay! They both got some pretty cute purses from NY lucky them and lucky us to have them in our lives! :) That is the end of our vacation.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I am going to turn myself into a runner if it is the last thing I do. I am literally dreading Sunday because I start my half-marathon training and that is stressful! (sigh)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Well, we are home from New York and I loved every minute of it. I will tell everything I can remember about New York on my next post. This post is to briefly brush up on our lives.

1. Daniel has a new job as a CNA at Sunbrook Home Health and Hospice. He is excited to begin his journey in the medical field and is even more excited that Wingers is not in his future. I can't say I blame him either.

2. I am looking for a new job. I am still at ASWN and I am going to continue to work there as long as possible. As for Wingers, I am hoping it will see the last of me soon. I am going to apply at different Restaurants in hopes of serving elsewhere. Surprising? I know! I thought I would be a server for Wingers until the end of the world.

3. Even though we just got home from vacation we wish we were with Daniel's family in California. His Aunt and Uncle took the kids there and we considered tagging along and if it weren't for Daniel's new job we probably would have. Jealous.

4. There are 4 weddings in September that we know of and that is just crazy.

5. FAT a.k.a WEIGHT. Yep, I said it. It's words that pretty much all girls hate and even some boys. Daniel hates it because he can't gain any....muscle...fat...nada!! I just think its funny how Skinny=Fat, Fat=Fat, Obese=Fat, Average=Fat. Seriously world?!?! Is everyone fat? I can honestly say NO and I can honestly say that there are people who have zero fat on them... So, if that is the case then why do I hear skinny people say they are fat? I guess I will never know!

6. I start my 10 week training for my half-marathon this Sunday, August 22. Scary right? Before I left for NY I ran 5 days straight for 30 minutes each day. Ask me how much I have ran since I got home....NEVER! I am screwed. So, I might just die in the next 10 weeks from exhaustion. I love you all...JK but really I need some luck.

7. 7 1/2 weeks until we will be in Cali! YAY!

Anyway. I'm out.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I always think about family, whether it be a single person between our families or family as a whole. I even have friends I would consider family. I don't think I could ever distance myself from any of these people I call family. I love them all too much. I come from a very good family. We are not quick to judge, shun, disown, belittle or dismiss. We are there for love, support and strength. My immediate family is the base of what I grew up knowing. It is my core and it is part of what made me the person I am today. I also grew up very close to my extended family. If there is a family party you can bet all my family would be there. My Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents, and even friends of all these family members are accepted with open arms. My Grandma Carol is my Moms, Mom and between her six children there are a total of 21 and we are the cousins. The 21 of us range from 30 years old to 2 years old four of those cousins are currently married and seven of the cousins have been married. Sadly three of the marriages just didn't work out. So that makes a total of 25 cousins because once you marry into this family you are without a doubt a member of the family. There are also six children amongst the cousins and we count them in the number even though they are the next generation. 31 cousins and we are all so tremendously close to one another. We would seriously do anything for one another and it doesn't stop at that ANY member of the family would do anything for anyone of us.

Recently I have thought more and more about how grateful I am to be put in such an accepting family. I am not a person who has ever had trouble being accepted in any aspect of my life but I see people everyday being shunned by the very people that call themselves family. To me the word family has always meant a great deal, it has meant dedication, love and acceptance. I have seen pride rip apart families and keep them apart for years. It is not the act that offended a person that keeps two people apart, it is the pride that each of them hold too dearly to move forward and love each other. Mothers, Fathers, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents these are all people we think of as mentors or older people to look up too. They are the adults and they should be the first to put aside differences and do whatever it takes to make sure their families are united forever. If these people are hurt or offended by their child, niece/nephew or grandchild they should be the first to put their best foot forward and move on. If the situation happens where the child is offended I still believe the older person should take charge and try to fix the situation. People are pathetic though and they obviously don't believe family is as important as I do. One of the main foundations of the church is family. We base our whole lives around family and having an eternal family is our ultimate goal on this earth. If the people who think that they can ignore, push and shove their children away think that they are good people, they are wrong. They need to toughen up, move on and bring their family close. I am lucky enough to be close to my family and to Daniel. I was raised in well and that I am grateful for. I pray for every broken family in this world to be fixed, mended and restored. Hopefully every day there are answers to my prayer and I truly believe that there are. I also hope that the families I pray to be mended the most are mended sooner than later because you never know in life what is next to happen.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Fun Time!

So the count down begins, we have 5 days until we will be in New York. I seriously couldn't be more excited. I want to see everything there from the Statue of Liberty to the Christian Louboutin store! :) Oh geez, I am like a little girl counting down to Christmas. I have good reason because New York is one of my dream places to visit alongside Hawaii and Europe.I have started running...yes running. I run as often as I can to prepare for a half-marathon. I start my official 10 week training on August 22. I think I have officially lost my mind but that is OK because I will cross the finish line and hopefully my mind will return to me after I have accomplished such a great goal. I am running two miles which I know sounds like nothing compared to the 13.1 mile run I have ahead of me. That is the distance of a half-marathon and a full marathon is 26.2 miles. I am going to try to make it a goal to run a marathon before I have a kid. I mean if we get surprised with a child then there is nothing I can do about it but if there is no surprise then my goal is to complete a marathon before children. I want to be trained and ready to run a marathon by next fall. It seems so close and who knows what my commitment level will be by then but as of right now that is my goal. I purchased some Nike ID+ shoes which I personally designed and they will track my distances. I don't get them for over a month but I am really excited about getting them. They are bright blue and neon yellow. I couldn't get a big picture of them so there is a mini one below :)Daniel has an interview for a new job today and I will soon know how it goes which makes me nervous. Who knows how our lives will plan out if he gets a new job. It is a CNA position so if he gets the job he will surely take it because it will get his foot in the medical field. So good luck to him.

On a random note...our house is almost completely clean :) YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!