Monday, September 14, 2009

Temple Date

It has been a bit since the last time I posted anything, due to the fact that not too much has happened. Daniel is getting in the swing of things at The Olive Garden and is making a considerable amount more than he was making at Wingers. Our schedules are still off and that isn't fun, but he talked to someone who said they could get him more of a set schedule to match mine. It will be nice when that happens. Daniel and I set the date for our temple sealing this past week and we are so thrilled. We are getting sealed on October 17th and I get my endowments on October 6th. We are super excited for this moment to finally arrive. It has taken longer than we thought due to ward changes, but the time is finally here. In the middle of my endowment date and our sealing date we are taking a vacation to California. We are excited about that too. Daniel will be on fall break that week and we are going with my family to Disneyland. We need a vacation. That is pretty much all that is new with us and I will of course post pictures once we are sealed. Thanks for tuning in!