Sunday, January 9, 2011


Happy Anniversary to my wonderful parents!! Today I made dinner for my family. I made chicken tacos...mexican style, chicken enchiladas, and a hard shell beef taco/soft bean burrito bar. We had everything from my famous homemade salsa to a beautiful fruit platter Daniel made. Daniel helped me so much with all the cutting of the veggies for the salsa, the fruit, lettuce and more. So we cooked all of dinner and brought it to my moms house and had a spectacular candle light dinner. Tomorrow I start my first day at BROMAC, it isn't anything I haven't been doing in the past. It is the same drafting I have always done except now it is for my Dad's company. I am excited. So my goals for this week are to organize one of our spare rooms also known as the office. Wish me luck :) XoXo

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year...

Well, it is a new year and things are slightly different in my life. I have actually had time to clean my house and do the small stuff I have wanted to do for a while. I am having fun shopping for new things for my new bedroom set. I am going to put together some pretty neat things for it. Daniel never got to go skiing last week because they got snowed out. So, him and my brother are going today instead. Fun for for me. Daniel is hopefully going to do Because We Sing this year. It starts tomorrow and as long as his Uncle can turn in his check and get his music he is going to do it. He is excited especially since last year he was sick and wasn't able to perform at the final concert. Well...short post, I know! I will post more later! :) XoXo