Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Temple Square Lights

About three weeks ago Shelly planned a double date for Daniel, Her, Her new boyfriend and Me! She planned it so far in advance because Daniel and I always work and her boyfriend Neil works lots too. Our schedules do not mix well. So Shelly and I planned to go to dinner at the Olive Garden, go to Temple Square and go to Frogurt. Despite the fact that it snowed and was below a temperature worth going out doors, we went. We ate dinner at Olive Garden and it was so delicious! I was able to harass Neil about wanting to join the Air Force. (No one wants Shelly to leave Utah or anything of that matter and if things got serious enough between them that would have to be an option. LAME!) I was also able to give him grief about many other things to see if he could last through me. He did, he passed with flying colors and I like him. After the Olive Garden we headed down town. Since the roads were slippery we decided to take Trax. That was a horrible mistake on my part because they are gross! I didn't even want to sit on the seats! They were stained and yucky and I will never take Trax again.

We had to walk fifty million miles once we were off Trax to get to the temple lights because we got on the wrong train so we wouldn't have to wait 15 minutes for the next. We were freezing cold by the time we got to Temple Square! So we went in the visitors center and got warm and listened to some people playing flutes! I liked this Christmas tree so we took pictures by it!

Then we started walking around the Temple. It was so cold but I wanted some cute pictures so no one would out their hats on until I got my pictures. Everyone froze to death but I got my cute pictures! They are even more cute because you can see the temple behind us in a couple of them.
Daniel doesn't like to take pictures where you are just smiling so we took a cute/funny one as well. I know he liked that since he got to have fun in the picture.
We got a group picture of all of us together but it is a little blurry since the person who took it didn't hold very still and I am bummed! but you can still tell who we all are. That might be my best friend-in-law one day. Its a good possibility.
I really wanted to take a picture next to some blue lights and this is as close as we got. They were a light green with little light blue also. They were cute enough for me to want pictures by!

Here are all the dorks bundled up after the pictures! They all put on their beanies and they said they were warmer. I of course didn't believe them and I left my hat just the way it was because it looked cute :)
This is Shelly and My famous picture. We always have to get one. Even on my wedding day she made me stop and pose like this for one.
After the Temple we went to get frozen yogurt at Frogurt! It is the yummiest yogurt place ever. We are crazy though because we went out for yogurt after being in the freezing cold for over an hour! It was just too good to pass up! So after our double date Daniel and I talked and decided Neil is good enough for Shelly and we are happy she finally met someone that treats her how she should be treated. Also, I decided that I am never riding Trax again, its dirty!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

December here we come!!!

Ok, so I am totally lame and I don't have any pictures! My Aunt Jeni has some pictures from Thanksgiving on her camera and in order for me to get them I will have to travel out to Eagle Mountain since she doesn't know how to upload them. soon as I get the pics I will post some. Oh! I just remembered I have one picture from My Aunt Karen's Facebook...There I am not totally lame anymore! Ha ha. So November kept us pretty busy with our anniversary, New Moon, Thanksgiving and Black Friday! (I capitalized this because to my fam it is a religious holiday). Daniel and I went to see The Twilight Sags: New Moon film Saturday November 21. We went with family and of course Shelly and we had so much fun! It was way better than the first movie, we both agreed on that. Then we celebrated Thanksgiving, by celebrated I mean we traveled among 3 houses to make sure we saw all our loved ones. First we had Thanksgiving dinner in Eagle Mountain with all of my moms family. After dinner all of us peeps got together to plan our Black Friday event. Then Daniel and I went to West Valley to visit my dads family. We visited there for a while and my grandma Nelta showed me some of the quilts she has made and showed me examples of quilt types we are going to make together. After visiting there we went to Daniel's Aunt Connie's and visited with them for the rest of our evening. Well, it was the rest of Daniel's evening. My day had just begun. I went and picked up Maddie and my cousin Brina and we headed over to Wal-Mart at midnight! We stood in lines and mapped out the whole thing. Everyone got everything they wanted due to our Black Friday expertise! Daniel and I got a 40" LCD HDTV, Sony Bravia 1080p for our bedroom, we already have a 52" for the family room. That was the main thing that I was after but of course I ended up spending double what the TV cost on other things that were great deals. Next year the family has decided to make t-shirts they will say "Once you go Black you never go back....Black Friday 2010" ha ha ha it is so true too! It is such great fun with us! We kinda lost the rush this year since we didn't have to wait in the cold and rush through the doors, but shopping at Wal-Mart you are pretty much guaranteed your item if you wait in line starting at midnight.

Daniel is almost done with school and we have decided to take a week off work at the end of December which will be nice. Daniel's best friend Josh is coming home from the Navy for 17 days and so we will look forward to spending some time with him. My cousin Stevie is getting married Dec 26 and I will get to see the Twin Falls, ID temple which I am excited for. Then of course Christmas is also at the end of December. I have quite a bit to look forward to in December and I will post more pictures soon! Also of our house at Christmas time with our TREE!!??! I put it up Nov 29 and I absolutely love it! Well ta ta for now! :)