Thursday, February 25, 2010


Welp, another enjoyable week went by. Daniel has been consistent on p90x and has not missed a day so far. He wants to get huge and he is eating like a horse. He eats all the time now. The other day he finished a huge bowl of blackened chicken alfredo and a half rack of ribs in one sitting. Doesn't everyone in this whole world wish they could eat that much and stay as slim as Daniel. I sure know I wish that. We just bought a treadmill for me and I can't wait unitl that gets delivered. I figure since Daniel gets p90x and its like $200 then I should get something to workout with that I will use and we found a really nice one on sale for $300. We do have a workout center at the clubhouse near our house but I don't like going there. For one, I bet it never gets cleaned and for two the only time I have to excersice is late at night and I don't like the idea of being alone in a club house late at night.

My apron is finished and I have pictures of the progress....

Here are most of the pieces after the ribbon was placed on the ruffles.

Here is the start of my wonderful apron...
Two ruffles on is quite the progress :)
Almost finished......
The finished product! I now have an apron :)

These are the headbands I have been making. I am learning to do all sorts of fun things.

This one is the flower I do the most I think it is cute!

This is for a boy. No flower.

This one I made for my sister with a cute flower.
Here is a beanie I made. I also have one with a bill on the front. Here is my friend KaRynn modeling one that I made.

Here is my friend Carmel modeling headbands I made for her and her niece.
I still haven't even started on my two quilts but I plan on doing that very very soon. I am active active active and I wouldn't have it any other way. Daniel's Bday is Saturday and we are going to dinner at 6 but other than that I think he pretty much wants to be home relaxing before and after our dinner plans :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's Day, Etc.

Well, nothing in our boring lives has changed but we did spend another wonderful Valentines Day together. Daniel had 18 red roses sent to Wingers on Saturday and when I got there he gave me them and attached was a cute little note that said how much he loved me and how special I am to him, all that good stuff :) Once we got home from Wingers I gave him his gift which was a new watch and a gift card to Game Stop so he can fulfill his nerdy desires to have more and more video games. Not that he has time for that because for an early birthday gift Daniel got P90X. On Valentines Day we went to church and taught our darling primary class. Yep, you heard it we got a new calling to be teachers for the CTR 7 class. They are so cute. I was a bit scared they were going to put us in sun beams or nursery as a hint to prepare for some little ones. Ha ha, when Daniel and I were set apart for our calling the bishop asked what age group we are teaching and when we told him he was shocked because they were actually calling us for sun beams. The primary president decided that position was for someone else and we got the wonderful CTR 7 class. It was so fun teaching them and we gave them a little Valentines treat. Technically you aren't allowed to give treats out in primary but I justified by saying it was a holiday :) I told my primary president to expect treats for holidays and she laughed. After church we stayed home and relaxed and I started feeling sick. So I spent the last hours of Valentines Day sick. My sickness continued on Monday through Today!!! I am finally getting over it. I think I jinxed myself because I was telling people I never get sick and here I am sick. It was some lame cold that gave me a headache, cough, sore throat and upset tummy. All symptoms are gone and now my throat is just itchy from healing.

Daniel started the P90X workouts Tuesday February 16 and so far has been diligent in working out for two consecutive days. I am scared to start it because he says he can't even do some of the things they do on the video. If Daniel can't do it there is no way in my right mind I should think that I could do it. I will of course give it a shot but I am scared none the less. We know that it is a good healthy form of exercise and the results are real. We have seen friends and family succeed with this program. You can get out of it whatever you want. If you want to change your body image or just get in better shape, your goal is accessible.

Well Daniel is going to be 22 at the end of the month. So far we don't have any big plans but I think he wants to go to TGI Fridays for his birthday dinner. Other than that the day is up to him. We have the whole day off from work and I am sure he will want to relax and perhaps play a video game. I still have not decided what to get him for his birthday. I usually have the gift bought and wrapped by now. This year is hard because he has pretty much everything he wants or needs. I am just going to have to think harder to come up with something to get him.

I have made myself extra busy with crocheting headbands and beanies and selling them; Preparing to make a large quilt and a baby quilt out of fabric and making myself an apron. Yes I do this all in the free time that I don't have but I just love staying busy. I finished my apron the other night and I will post pictures as soon as I take one of the final product. I took several pictures along the way. I am still keeping busy with the rest of the projects and I was talking to Daniel about two more projects I need to start and finish. When I have ideas I just can't wait and these two gifts need to be finished in time for the two special ladies in our lives for Mother's Day. Daniel likes the ideas and I might just let him help pick out the stuff needed to fit each of their personalities or I might just have them fit mine and Daniel's personalities so they are reminded of us often :) They are already reminded of us often and they know us so well, we are lucky they are in our lives. Yay us!

Well that about ends all the activities and events for now. I will be back to discuss the Birthday celebration sooner than later. Until then have a wonderful end to February :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Birthday

Daniel and I on My 23rd Birthday...I am an OLD woman :)

So I love birthdays, there are many people who do not care for birthdays since it means you are getting older. I am one of those peoples that takes full advantage of the fact that there is a day dedicated to me. If a birthday was a holiday then it would be my favorite (with Halloween at a close second since it is my favorite holiday). For my birthday I got some pretty thoughtful gifts. From Daniel I got two new hoodies, a poster of Jakob from New Moon (a joke), $50 to Forever 21, new luggage, a pea coat (the paisley one seen in pictures, compliments of Missy finding it) and then a card. Then for Christmas I had gotten a new sewing machine from my parents and with the money my Grandma Helen gave me I returned it and upgraded it for an intermediate sewing machine. My parents and brothers bought me a case to go with it and that is something I desperately wanted. Aunt Connie, Uncle Chris and the kids gave me such a neat-o gift. They are so observant and awesome I could hardly believe that they pay such close attention to me. They put together a goodie bag full of favorites. I got stuff to make my two favorite types of meal Mexican and Italian; a bag of potatoes and seasoning because I love 'taters'; my three favorite candies Nerd Ropes, Twix and Reese's and my favorite soda Dr. Pepper. It was such an awesome gift. Then I got quilting supplies from my Grandma Nelta, Grandpa Mike and Mama. It is so nice because I am going to start quilting. I also got a customized picture frame from Shelly. My sister and Kelly gave me an Angel statue, I had one and it broke and I was depressed but my sister gave me one just like it so I am happy again. Then Maddie and Jakob made me my favorite food....Mexican. There was cheese Enchilada's, Spanish rice, beans and grapes. So delicious and I knew it would be since Maddie is the best cook in all of the world. Since she doesn't read my blog this is not considered kissing up to her so she will cook for me more often. :) I had a wonderful birthday since I didn't have to do much and everyone stopped in to see me. I didn't get pictures of everyone that came by but I was thrilled that they all did. Best birthday to date. Thanks everyone for the Facebook messages, text messages, cards, phone calls and stopping in. I love you all.

Maddie and I with the cake she made me and the eclairs my mom made me
Daniel claims he didn't know he was in the photo

Jelaire, Kelly and I
My dad with his mom and Mike
(grandpa Mike nad Grandma Nelta)
My brothers being dorks... I don't even know...
Jakob, Madaline and my mom.
My mom and I