Sunday, April 10, 2011

Little Bit of Info

Rah rah shish boom bah! Alrighty, well I am still loving CPK and the more I work there the more I love it!! The people are great the food is great and work is great!! I wish I could say the same for Fin and Norah's but I am not particularly liking that job!! I actually want to quit and I can't even tell you why I am still there.
Shelly is getting married in two months and I am loving any wedding stuff I am able to be involved in. It is so much fun! She got really cute bridesmaid dresses and I need to go running so I look fantastic in it but my motivation in miles and miles away from me in California! Missy! She seemed to be my motivation the last time I got active but since she is not here I am not motivated! Depressing right?!? Sad but true.
Daniel is still busy with the normal days of work and school. He is absolutely loving not working at Wingers anymore. The stress was just too much and now his life is great!
I wish I had more to write but really life either stays the same or drastically changes! :)