Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Busy as a Bee

1. I feel like a complete failure at blogging. I never upload photos and that is a big part of blogging. Also, my goal was to post every week this year. I think I have such a boring repetitive life that I am not worthy of posting once a week. My blog would read like a broken record sounds. Ugh. I need to get better at this

2. I am busier than I have ever been in my entire life. I am working 80 hours + in a week. I am also going to try to go back to school. I know that I am just a few classes away from getting my associates degree in general studies and I need to do that. There are so many people....women in my life who are graduating from college and I should be one of them. I should have continued going and never stopped. I am still young and I know I can finish school so that is my goal. I doubt being so busy will ever stop but I wanted to vent about it. I feel like I am always venting about it. Ha ha.

3. My house is such a mess I am embarrassed for myself to see it. I seriously feel like a slob. I know most people that know me won't even believe that my house is messy but trust me. I don't even think I can walk in my room without stepping on something. I am disgusted with that and I don't even have time to clean.

4. My car is equally as messy as my house but people can actually look inside and see what a slob I am and that sucks. I am not being sarcastic either. About 3 weeks ago I spilled my face powder in my car and to this day I have not cleaned it up. I am just living in the filth. Gross. I know.

5. I work too much. Ha ha I repeat myself a lot but it must be something that is on my mind. I literally have no Jessica time. I will tell you a break down of my week and if you don't care skip the rest of #5. Sunday I sleep in until about Noon then I go to church from 1PM to 4PM and Daniel and I teach our primary class. At 5PM we have dinner with my parents and immediately after Daniel leaves to go to choir practice from 6:30PM until 8:30PM. During that time I visit with my family. Then Daniel and I go home and that is my Sunday. Monday I work at ASWN until 5PM or 6PM and I go home and spend the night with Daniel (this is the only "free" night we have) Then Tuesday I work in during the day at ASWN and I manage Wingers at night until about 11PM. Wednesday I work during the day at ASWN and the night at Wingers. Thursday I work early in the morning at ASWN and a double at Wingers, depending on if I manage or not I also go back to ASWN in between my double. Friday I work early in the morning at ASWN and a double at Wingers. Saturday I take my grandma shopping in the morning and I work at Wingers at night. Then I repeat my week. I live a repetitive life and I need to slow down somewhere.

6. I am about to admit defeat in getting my mother's day gifts done on time.
Thinking I have royally blown my chance of having the gifts finished makes me grateful I have such an understanding Mother and "Mother-In-Law". I know they will understand because they know how constantly busy I am. They are probably two of the top 5 people who truly know everything that goes on in my life. I talk to both of them all the time and I am so happy that they are here for me. I am grateful for all that my mom does for me and all that she is willing to do it helps so much and I can not do enough in this world to show how truly appreciative I am. Life would be and would have been impossible without my mom. Also, to my "mother-in-law" she knows who she is and I am eternally grateful that she has chosen me. She got to choose to be so close to me and I am more grateful than she will ever know. She does so much for Daniel and I both and I am glad she has mothered Daniel and has chosen us to be united with her family in the way we are.

7. Josh and Missy find out the gender of their baby tomorrow. That is just something that excites me so I wanted to put it in my blog.

8. Daniel has finals this week and next. Then two weeks off and Summer Semester will begin. Yahoo!

9. Our Virginia vacation is a week from tomorrow and I am totally not prepared. I have a list of things to get done and if I accomplish even half of them I will be grateful. (sigh) I need more energy and longer days.

10. My mother thinks I have anxiety, I think I have busy person disorder. She wants me to have an anxiety screening done. It runs in my family but I don't think I have it. She always thinks I have something. I am busy and energetic and easily distracted but I don't find anything wrong with any of these traits. She thinks it sums up to be anxiety or A.D.H.D. I refuse to believe that.

11. I miss T.V.!!!!! How pathetic....I know! I am so worldly with television. I need it, I love it, I crave it, I am pretty mush obsessed. I know I shouldn't be. Especially with how little time I have that is one distraction I don't need. Also, it's not like I am interested in the discovery channel or history. No I am obsessed with DRAMA!! It's like I am in high school. I mean do people ever grow out of this? I have a show I want to watch on almost every day of the week. Monday: One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl; Tuesday: 90210, Melrose Place, Glee; Wednesday: America's Next Top Model; Thursday: Vampire Diaries; Friday: Wizards of Waverly Place. Also, I want to start watching The Biggest Loser I just am not sure when it comes on. Don't even worry Daniel and I have 2 DVR's and we record all of these plus his shows. I have a problem. Oh and why do I even like Glee?!?!?! I dislike musicals and that is what it is based around. My sister thinks I like the drama. Ha, typical me.

Well, that is pretty much my life in a nutshell and a half at the moment. I love the fact that I am busy as a bee I am just hoping it will slow down for me to breathe sooner than later. So my little vacation is something more than exciting to look forward to. :) Xoxo

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

La te te da

OK, well it has been an interesting week. I will start with the not-so-good news. A close friend of the family and one of Chaz's closest friends past away Saturday afternoon. His name was Russell Anderson and he died from an ATV accident over spring break. He was such an amazing person, friend, brother, son, uncle, etc. He is already greatly missed and I just wanted anyone who reads my blog to put his family in your prayers. He was 17 years old and an outstanding person, I know deep in my heart that the lord needed him for greater things on the other side. He is far too precious for this world.
Russell you will truly be missed.
After the devastating news of Russell passing I went to be with my family Saturday night once I got off work from Wingers, which was midnight. I spent about an hour with them and discussed memories of Russell.

Then I went over to Aunt Connie's because we had been planning a New Moon party. Yes, we had a party dedicated to The Twilight Saga: New Moon
and it was fun. Everyone but me makes fun of the movie and I sit there and enjoy the hotness of Jacob and about half the other characters in the movie. I do want to get this straight....I am 100% perhaps even 110% TEAM EDWARD but I am also equally TEAM TAYLOR :)

Why would you want, want to look at or even touch this....
When you could want, look at or have this....
Goodness people lets be for real. There is nothing I find attractive about Rob Pattinson as himself or as Edward. I know that pretty much the whole world hates the fact that Kristen Stewart is Bella except for maybe her family and close friends, I mean even she doesn't seem to keen on the idea of being Bella. Except I am having less and less of a problem with her. I mean I remember Bella being described as awkward, clumsy and none the less kinda average....well that my friend is Kristen in a nutshell. Sorry but I have to admit to that. So, while everyone made fun of the movie I enjoyed food and snacks that Aunt Connie provided. Daniel and I went to bed around 4 in the morning Saturday.

Then we woke up around 10 am to be at my parents for Easter. We had a full day there with the family and later that evening Daniel and Kelly went to choir. We were planning on stopping by Aunt Connie and Uncle Chris' but there wasn't enough time in the day. I took a nap while Daniel was at choir and then when he got home we visited with my Aunt Susie and my cousins Chelsea and Nathan since they were in town from California and then we went home and pretty much went strait to sleep.

Monday Daniel got his Phlebotomy certificate in the mail and we were pretty happy about that. We spent more time with our visitors from out of town and we also went to The Cheesecake Factory. Overall I didn't like the place, I mean it was nice and everything I just don't think I will ever return. I would rather go to Olive Garden everyday :) Yesterday was pretty much a normal day and the rest of the week should be close to normal other than the funeral I will be attending. Next week I plan on working close to 80 hours since some extra shifts became available, so that should be fun. Daniel and I are now on count down until we see Josh and Missy which will be tons of fun. Virginia better do its best to prepare for us. Anyway high ho high ho it's off to work I go :) Xoxo

Friday, April 2, 2010

~Our Lives~

Well, I have been completely horrible at updating this blog the past month...Ya its been a whole month. Not too many exciting things have happened though. Daniel started and finished his Phlebotomy course and is just waiting for his test results and he will be certified in phlebotomy. He is also starting an I.V. training course this month. Once he is finished with this course he will have three medical certificates that will look really well when he applies to med school. He will have is Certified Nurses Certificate, National Phlebotomy Certificate and I.V. Technician Certificate. He is or has done all these classes on top of his regular schooling at the U of U. Daniel also joined the Because We Sing choir with his Uncle, two cousins and Kelly our brother-in-law. As if he isn't busy enough, right? Ha ha we live busy lives.
Daniel and I are both part time managers at Wingers now. We fill in for managers that are sick or leave on vacation and it pays pretty well so it was a good thing. We have been managing quite a bit lately and serving and we are pretty much exhausted. This week I worked full time between both of my jobs. Usually I work full time at one and part time at one but this week I was full time at both. I am tired but it keeps me busy and I love that.
We finally paid off my car and now we own both our cars. It is a pretty good feeling to own two cars and not have car payments. We both drive Toyota Corolla's mine is a 2006 and Daniel's is a 1999. In the next year or so we will be looking to get me a SUV. It will probably be a new Toyota Highlander. They are really nice, durable and they will be family friendly for when we start having kids...which wont be for awhile.
Easter is coming up and I should be back to the blog shortly after to tell about all the Easter fun. Until then have a good day. Xoxo