Friday, December 2, 2011

The Nutcracker

Well, Daniel and I went to see The Nutcracker. He enjoyed the music and I enjoyed spending time with him. I am not big into the whole ballet thing and neither is he but he loves music. I sat their thinking how uncomfortable the men in those awfully see through tights must feel. I mean....maybe I am mean but one word came to mind..EW! I know I am mean but most of you probably think the same thing. Anyway all in all we had a nice FREE date compliments of my work! Here are some awful photos of me that night...Daniel looks nice but I look like poop! Oh well!!

I need to get better at car pics!!Me es no bueno!!! As Daniel was clearly telling me in this pic!! Ha Ha gotta love it!


11/30 WEEK 16

Nothing abnormal is happening other than the fact that people are noticing my ever so quickly growing stomach. I am not sure how much longer I am going to be able to hide this fabulous secret! I only need to hide it for three more weeks. We find out the gender in 22 days. December 22nd I have an appointment to see the gender. It is so crazy I can hardly even wait. My tummy is definitely growing so I am hoping it slows down just a bit so we can hide it until Christmas Eve at least!! We might possibly tell everyone on the 22nd so that way it is out in the open to at least our parents before we tell the rest of the family on Christmas. Anyway…if it is a boy the name is set but if it is a girl we have no idea what we will be naming her. I will most likely have Daniel make the final choice for the girl name since I picked the boys name and he didn’t have much of a say. I still have to pee all the time!! I literally could go to the bathroom and once I get out of the bathroom I feel like I could literally go again within that same second. I still think pretty much every food under the sun sounds disgusting half the time. I thought that everything was supposed to sound delicious and I was supposed to be able to eat anything I want and feel no guilt. What happened to that? Also, I am not gaining weight currently but my weight is shifting. My wedding ring does not fit and my gut is huge. Oh the wonderful life of being pregnant!! So, aside from thinking everything sounds gross a Reese’s milkshake sounded spectacular yesterday which is odd since from the start of my pregnancy ice cream, milkshakes, yogurt and most dairy has sounded quite nasty. So I decided to go get a McFlurry from McDonalds. I got to the window and the guy said, “it will be $2.69” so I gave him two dollar bills and three quarters. The kid looked at the money and looked at me and said “it is $2.69”, and I said “I gave you 2.75” he said “no, you gave me 2.55” I just stared at the kid like he lost his mind but I am sure he is right and I probably gave him two quarters and a nickel and then I replied “you know what, I totally believe you I am pregnant and apparently I can’t count and I am losing my mind”. The kid laughed and said “that’s understandable”. Then I started to look for the remaining change and I counted it out and for some reason I got to count the remaining and I just could not figure out how much money I still needed to pay the poor guy standing in the window. After shuffling around and fooling around with the change I looked up and asked him how much more money he needed he replied “.14 cents” and then he continued to laugh at me until my stupid pregnant brain got together .14 freaking cents. Then I pulled forward to the window only assuming that all of McDonalds was in there making fun of the stupid lady at the window!! So that is how dumb I feel being pregnant. I can’t even do simple math and might I add math was one of my best subjects!