Monday, July 18, 2011

My Beach

We went to our local beach today. It is in Herriman and Daniel calls it "our beach" We bought rafts to go out onto the little lake with. We all had so much fun! We floated around the lake talking and having a blast!!

This is Daniel blowing up our awesome raft!!
This is our raft named Yellow Thunder...that is what I named it, don't be confused with the lame name that was manufactured onto our boat. :)

Here are my quilts I have been working on. They now just need to be quilted together as soon as I find time and someone willing to help me out with this fantastic project I have started. Goal: Find a machine! :)
P.S. Excuse the messy house, I have been sewing!! :)
Have a great day! If you live near by go visit the local beach!! :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry Potter!!!

The final show down finally happened Harry and Voldemort battled to the end.....Well, I actually enjoyed the movie. I have enjoyed the last of the movies more than the first movies. They stayed true to the books for the most part and that I liked. I am one of those Harry Potter geeks that waited up until midnight to get the books and I would have gone to the midnight showing but my awesome Aunt Jelaire got me and two of my cousins early tickets. We felt so cool!! :)

Geocaching....another one of my geeky desires. Daniel, my little brother Brock and I went Geocaching Saturday night. It is way fun. Its like a rush looking for things that are hidden amongst us and most people have no idea that this world wide hunt goes on. We went to 6 places in South Jordan all close to the Jordan River Trail. I really wanted to walk on the walkway so I could pick up golf balls that golfers hit onto the trail close to Mulligans. Don't ask me why I wanted to do that because really I have no idea. We didn't get a chance to because us oldies had to be home so Daniel could get to bed by 9:30.

Other than that its been the same old same old stuff happening. I have been putting feathers in a ton of peoples hair lately. Since I charge $5 a feather its quite the bargain and people are calling me like crazy. I love it! My favorite one is the one with feathers at the end of your hair braided. Neat-o!! Well, that's all for now. XOXO

Monday, July 11, 2011

4th and such, Family Drama-Rauma (Don't read if you will take offense)

and such.....gosh Daniel has rubbed off on me these past years. That is a phrase he says! I notice I say things he says often.

July 4th was pretty freaking awesome as usual. I have lost my camera or I would post pictures. We spent the whole day in Sandy. We did the fair, the parade (Daniel was in it) and the fireworks. I really love my family. We are so awesome because Daniel has the loudest cheering crowd out of all the people in the parade. With a rough sum of 60 people cheering his name it is hard for him to focus I'm sure :)

On my free time, which is lots and lots lately I have been making a quilt. It is coming along nicely and pretty soon I am going to have to figure out a way to actually quilt it together. Doing it by hand would probably take me 10 years. I love to sew. I love doing crafty things really.

I put new feathers in my hair and I just love them. I have a braid that comes from behind my hair with feathers at the end of it and I have purple, blue and turquoise. I love it. Maddie has red, yellow and blue. I also painted my toes super cute and Maddie's to match. They are zebra and adorable. I saw the idea at a salon and I just had to do it.

I went visit teaching yesterday and we talked about families. We got pretty deep for a VT lesson. Even though the message was about temples it always leads to families. We talked about Daniel's family. As much I would like to say that things are fine and dandy they aren't. Daniel and I wish, hope and pray all the time that his mom will come around and be in our lives. My family is such a strong unity regardless of if someone feels offended or hurt that I just have wishful thinking that Daniel's could be the same. It is coming up on one year since the last time we have seen Daniel's Mom and sisters. We saw them at his sister Nicole's wedding back in September. I will usually voice my opinion about families but I never directly say Daniel's but 4 years with this kind of tension is ridiculous and it is on my mind more often then it's not. Especially with children in our thoughts I want everything fixed. I'm sure this will not be my last post about this but well, this is my blog and I have always been slightly careful with what I post. Now, I will say and post what I want. What I want right now is for Daniel and his MOM/SISTERS to be FIXED!!!!!!! Period. This is not meant to offend anyone so don't take it that way I just think things need to be evaluated and fixed. Daniel has some wonderful extended family that has reached out to him and I would never take that for granted or want to lose the relationships we have built with them.

Well, enough of my ranting!!! I am still working at CPK and I still want a different job. No worries I am actually looking!! Ha ha. I just need something to keep me busy for about a year. Then Daniel will be graduated with his Bachelors Degree!!!! YAY!!!


Sunday, July 3, 2011


SO, I just love feathers! I know they are the total trend right now but I just love them. I have like 14 in my hair right now and I love each and every one of them. I have made some pretty decent money putting them in peoples hair and I have also sold feather earrings. They are a nice profit maker these days.

The 4th of July is tomorrow and I am totally stoked! I love the 4th! We go to Sandy and do a fulls day worth of events there. Daniel will be marching in the parade and we will have a blast.

I am still thinking about going back to school and I definitely am still looking for a new job! Ugh...same complaints post after post, I know...sorry!!

Daniel and I saw Transformers 3 with our cute friends Terrika and Andrew. I freaking LOVED it. I am a huge Transformers fan to begin with and I loved the first movie, the second was a disappointment and the third was a nice save from the horrible downward spiral they were going after the second. I even have a transformer license plate that says "My other car is a Transformer" Daniel bought it for me because of my love for Transformers.

Well, have a great 4th!! XOXO