Monday, July 27, 2009

The 24th of July

This past week was a pretty fun week. On Tuesday Daniel surprised me with a dozen roses when I got home from work and the entire house was clean. Hooray for a wonderful Tuesday. Then of course we both worked our hearts out on Wednesday and Thursday to get ready for our day off on Friday. Then when Friday came around we spent the whole day with each other, we practically did nothing all day. Daniel of course needed fireworks so we went and bought a bunch and he altered most of them so they would be huge blasts of light and loud BOOMS! That evening we went over to my parents house to celebrate Pioneer Day! Daniel's family came over to celebrate the holiday with my family and of course my best friend Shelly was there. We had such a blast! Andrue lit up most of the fireworks and put on a wonderful show! Most of us visited with eachother while enjoying the fireworks! Daniel of course lit off his creations and everyone had to stand back when his went off! We had such a fun night spending it with family! We love it when we get a night off to relax with each other. Our night was even more fun because we got to spend it with both of our families! We love them all.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Wedding Day

~ At the Bombara Restaurant Daniel, Jessica and Josh ~
Friday July 17 was our friends Maddie and Jakob's wedding. It was such a fun filled day. We started out our day by going to Bambara which is a four star restaurant located in Hotel Monaco. The food was pretty good, but I wanted double the portion they gave us. My salad was tiny and it was 13 dollars, but I guess that is the price you pay for a four star restaurant. After lunch we had about three hours until the ceremony started. So us ladies went back to the hotel suite and got ready for the night. Maddie got her hair done and I did touch ups on myself.Everything was going well, until the tuxedo place
~ Daniel and Jessica before the Ceremony ~ was missing one pair of pants. Things then got a little crazy. Jakob's mom Heidi went and got that all straitened out so everyone could continue getting ready. Once everything was set up the girls were told to head towards the limos and drive to the Gallavin center for the ceremony. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous and everything went so went. The reception was stunning, Daniel and I got to spend time with my parents and with Uncle Chris, Aunt Connie, Chere', LaReine and Michelle. There was dancing, the bouquet and garter toss. It was a beautiful day. We saw them off by blowing bubbles and watching them ride off to their honeymoon in a carriage ride. Everything went so well, Daniel and I enjoyed being able to spend such a special day with our friends. We also enjoyed being able to be with each other for a full day with no work or school :) Congratulations to Maddie and Jakob, their wedding was perfect!
~Dancing at the reception~

~Maddie and Jakob's Families and the wedding party~

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New to the Blog!

This is the most recent picture of us with my family on the 4th of July!!

Since this is my first post I will just write anything I can think of that will help get you up to date on the life of Daniel and I. Well, the 24th of July is coming up this weekend and Daniel and I get Friday off! With our busy lives we are grateful that we were able to get it off. We will be celebrating by sleeping in and going to my parents for fireworks!! We still both work at Wingers and I am still full time at ASWN+ working as much as I can. Daniel is now at the University of Utah and working in Pre-Med! I am excited that he still wants to be a doctor since school is harder at The U. For those of you that don't know we bought a townhome in Riverton, UT about a year ago. They say you aren't moved in until the last box is unpacked....I don't think that will ever happen! Our townhome is just under 1600 sqft with 3 bedrooms, 2 bath and a 2 car garage. We also have a small back yard which gives me plenty of space for a vegetable garden. I will clean my house and get pictures posted for all to view ASAP. Well I hope to keep this up to date often, since I am new to it I doubt it will be a problem! Have a great day!