Sunday, June 26, 2011

Busy Busy Busy Week/Weekend

So, a week ago it was Father's Day we went to see Uncle Chris and gave him his yearly awesome Dad's Day gift....a tie. They are too stinking cute because they gave Daniel a "good luck trying" Father's Day gift. They gave him the cutest tiny baby boy bibs and they are embroidering the names I would love to name twin boys. They made him these so we can have good luck because I really want twins boys. That family is so thoughtful and so clever. I am so lucky to have married into such a wonderful family! They are the best "in-laws" I could ever ask for! After we went over to Aunt Connie and Uncle Chris' we went to my house and had dinner with my family. My dad loved his tie and we also gave him a waffle maker because his broke and he makes waffles every Sunday. He loved it. We had stuffed red peppers and meat loaf, my dads request. Father's Day was a blast.

Then, Wednesday night Daniel has marching band practice. I was helping set up for Shelly's wedding and when I was finished I gave Daniel a call. He sounded pretty stressed and it was 9:40 PM and he still wasn't home so I knew something was up. He told me he lost his wallet and he did not know the last time he felt it in his pocket. He had been downtown all day for work, then school and then marching band practice in South Salt Lake. SO, we met home to double check and make sure it was not by some random chance at our house and sure enough it wasn't. Then my mom and I drove the streets of South Salt Lake at midnight with flash lights and my GPS trying to find his wallet. We had no luck and so we headed home. I went to bed around 2 AM because I was so stressed out and I was cancelling accounts all night. Then I woke up at 5:45AM to get ready for Shelly's wedding. I showed up at Shelly's to do her hair and sent her off to the temple. Then I did her sister Stacy's hair and her other best friend Anna's hair. Then we all headed downtown to the temple foe Shelly's sealing at 11AM. After the sealing we took pictures at the temple and then we headed to the luncheon at Jake's parents house. We then got ready for the reception at 6PM. We had a blast decorating the car and making sure the reception ran smoothly. Then we saw them off around 8PM and cleaned up as fast as we could so we could go home and sleep :) I was totally looking forward to sleep after only getting around 3 hours the previous night. Then on Friday I went and watched Shelly and Jake open their gifts and said goodbye to them and they are now on their honeymoon on a Caribbean cruise!!! I pretty much have been catching up on sleep ever since.

Daniel's wallet is still lost and we are in the process of getting all new cards and he will be getting a new license tomorrow. He had $70 cash which we pretty much kissed goodbye. Luckily there was no activity on the cards before I was able to shut them down. So our loss isn't as big as it could have been.

I am still looking for a job and I have actually started looking. So, wish me luck because I really, really am trying to not work in the food industry ever again ASAP!! I am hoping that whatever job I get I can get full benefits also!! KSL job search is my new best friend!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Well, so far I have had zero luck with finding a new job!! I wish that a full time job with benefits would just fall into my lap because I certainly hate looking. I should probably go back to school but that is just very unlikely right now. Possibly if I got a full time day job I would be able to do night school and finish up my associates. Considering I am only 4 classes away from completion It could be very quick. Its only a matter of actually doing it.

Shelly is getting married tomorrow!!! I have a full day of events starting very at 7 in the morning!!! Wish me luck!! :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Bloggin'

Its that time of year!!! It is the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual sale!!!! I just love it when they have this sale. There is nothing like a new bra also, a little lingerie is always a plus too. This year not only did I get a bra and lingerie I got a silk robe!! :) For mothers day Daniel got me a long black silk robe and it is super comfy but when I saw a shorter silk robe I just had to have it. LOVE!!!

Daniel is once again doing band for SLCC playing his trumpet. He will be doing a couple parades and is getting paid to do what he loves! Fun for him.
Green Lantern hit the theaters and can I just say I loved it!! It might have something to do with one of my boyfriends play in the movie...RYAN REYNOLDS hottie! He looked mighty fine also! He is a close second with my #1 boyfriend Ashton Kutcher
Also, Blake Lively is in Green Lantern and she is gorgeous so it gave Daniel some eye candy. Also, the fact that Daniel's favorite actor is Ryan Reynolds and it was a superhero movie are a couple reasons he loved it as well.

Shelly's wedding is Thursday and I can hardly believe it is finally happening. Jake and her have been together for like 8 years off and on but mostly on. SO, ITS ABOUT TIME!! HA!

I still want another job and Daniel still enjoys his but other than that nothing is new.

HAPPY FATHERS DAY tomorrow to all the dad's out there and to the best dad in the whole world my dad. He is the best dad any one could ask for and as far as super hero's go he is mine!! :) I love you dad!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Over Half Way There

We are now over half way to 2012....what does this mean you ask? My NEW new years resolution. I don't even remember my first one, probably get healthy and organized which I am slowly failing at both!! Who else is failing their New Year goals right about now?? Probably most of the world. So....I bet you are wondering what the new goal is... It is to get out of the restaurant industry and never look back!!! I am done serving tables. I am done with hearing obnoxious people eat. I am done dealing with the joyful lousy tips some people leave no matter what the circumstance. I am done! :) There are perks to working in the restaurant industry and my perks have been as follows: 1: I met my best friend and now husband from working at Wingers and I got to work with him for 5 years 2: I met one of my best girl friends Maddie working at Wingers (by me meeting Maddie I introduced to her to my friend, and now her husband Jakob, which I met while working at Taco!) 3: I got my brother Chaz and my cousin Sabrina jobs at Wingers and worked with both of them for over a year (family Wing-a-dingers yup yup) 4: I also made some very close connections to who I still talk to often from restaurants I have worked at, the Jen and Jess sisters and baby Ashton, Terrika, Alexa, Katie and many more 5: I still work with Maddie and I have worked with her in 5 out of the 6 food places I have worked. Given all the perks I still want out!!!! So, there ya go my half way there NEW new years resolution!! My solution to all this....get a new job!!! HA. XOXO