Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Daniel's Birthday Weekend

So, this past weekend was Daniel's birthday and we celebrated it for three consecutive days. It started out Saturday morning when my family came over to watch Daniel open his gifts. He got plenty of shirts to last him for quite some time. I also got him Operation the game since he is going to be a doctor he should get in some practice now ha ha. Then I gave him tickets to see Disney's Broadway Musical The Lion King. He was happy about getting those tickets but he is sad that he has to wait until August 31 to enjoy them. My parents and brothers gave him the softest most comfortable robes in all of the world. I was going to get him one because he really wanted one but my mom beat me to the punch. He has worn it everyday since he got it.

Then after gift opening Daniel and I went to the mall and got him a few more shirts and a new hoodie since he didn't get one this year and I am big on hoodies. After that we went to his Aunt's house to pick up his gift and so they could see him on his birthday. They were going to come over but it worked out better if we stopped by there. His Aunt, Uncle and the kids gave him so many of his favorite goodies it was unbelievable. Then they also gave him a sanitation toilet kit which is so neat. She showed us one a while back and I wanted one. It is incase of a disaster and its a portable toilet filled with all the sanitaion supplies you need to survive without a working toilet near by. Such a thoughtful gift idea. After we went to his Aunts we went to TGIFriday's for dinner. It was delicious, Daniel of course got steak and enjoyed every last bite.
These are all the people that went to Fridays with us...Maddie, Jakob, TJ, Rachel, baby Ty, Daneil, Me and Kare. We had such a blast and he got some gift cards from his awesome friends at dinner.

Then we went and got a movie at Redbox. We rented Surrogates and I thought it was a stupid movie but we had fun taking pictures in the process of renting the movie.

This is Daniel with his gifts minus his gift cards and checks he got.

Then on sunday we went over to my parents house for dinner and my mom had made Daniel this ice cream cake, it was so yummy. She also served one of his favorite meals....meatloaf.
Mom, Dad, Brock, Grandma and Daniel getting ready to eat Daniel's bday cake.
Chaz and I since Daniel wasn't paying attention it is just us two that are cool :)

Then Monday we went over to Aunt Connies for FHE and Daniel's birthday celebration with them. This is the cake that Aunt Connie made...Daniel's favorite, it is the kind with sprinkle things in the mix and the frosting.

Then Daniel and I goofed off on the couch for a minute
We sang happy birthday to Daniel
I made him pretend to blow them out for picture purposes :)
This is him full from dinner and moving onto his favorite cake and favorite ice!
We then played a really fun game that had a bell. I like to ring it and I actually won one round.
You would think we are very serious game players
I am pretty sure everyone was sick of my picture taking skills. I didn't even post half of what I took at the game table.
We needed a new picture since a new player who didn't even play joined :)
This is the end of his three day birthday with his Aunt Connie. They totally look related.
We had so much fun with everyone and Daniel is grateful to all those who wished him a happy birthday. Special days like this are worth celebrating and I have always loved birthdays :)