Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December Ending

So I decided the worst thing about blogging is I can NEVER think of a title to my posts. Ha! Like, shouldn't there be something else about blogging I dislike more? Nope! Nada! It is creating a title, so when my title sucks you all know why! Ha!

Well, I for once in my life have quite a few things to blog about.

First. Christmas. It was quite eventful to say the least. There was a slight amount of family drama which I will not be going into. It was extended family so no worries there. We spent the night at my parents house Christmas Eve and woke up with my little brothers and opened gifts. Daniel was spoiled and I was close behind him. Daniel got....PlayStation Move (Game, Navigation Controller, Motion Controller and Eye, which is a camera), RockBand3 with the new Keyboard(PS3), Assassins Creed Brotherhood(PS3), Donkey Kong Returns(Wii), Epic Mickey (Wii) and 007 GoldenEye (Wii). Those were his 6 video games and accessories to hold him over for a while. He also got some really nice sweaters, not like old man sweaters or Argyle print or anything. They were brands like Volcom, Element, Empyre and such. He also got a new coat, house slippers, Supernatural seasons 4 & 5 and more I probably just cant remember. To say the least...he scored this Christmas!! I got a workout outfit to match my Nike id's that I never use but full heartedly want too. I got a Garmin GPS, Slippers, a Laminator (I asked for this he he), Apples to Apples Disney, Vera Bradley Duffel, Vera Bradley tool bag and more that I am forgetting. I was only shorted 2 things from my Christmas list and those were a Camcorder and a Canon Rebel Camera. So not too shabby.

Second. My bedroom. I want to re-do it. Right now it is Black, Pewter (which is goldish silverish ya...) and a really pretty shade of lavender. I want my room to be purple and green. Not like crayon box purple and green but purple and green very similar to the picture below. I have really expensive black curtains so I am going to have to figure out a way to tie them in. Good luck to me. Third. Baby. I am wanting a baby. So, long story short I have enough birth control to last me until June and then no more after that. I think that is pretty much self explained as to what Daniel and I decided :)

Forth. Job. I no longer work for ASWN+ because the company decided to put an end to the department I work for which is also the department my dad is the boss of. So, my dad is going to start his business up full time again. I will most likely work there once all his ducks are in a line and he is able to start hiring people. I am helping him with some of the marketing things such as business cards, flyers, email and web. His company is Bromac and he has had the company for 15+ years. It is Land Surveying and Engineering and I will be the Lead Drafter again once things get moving. It will be the same position I had at ASWN+. For now though I am just looking for a job to replace Wingers so I can eventually leave that dreadful place.

Fifth. New Years. I of course work. So does Daniel but he leaves early so he can get up at 5AM to get to work. My new years goals are as follows....train myself to eat healthier so I don't die of a heart attack or some dreadful food caused disease and so I am prepared to get pregnant. Second put my Nike id's and new workout outfit to good use so I don't die of a heart attack or Lazy Person Syndrome or some disease alike. Also, exercise is one of my New Years goals because my OBGYN made it one of them. He wants me exercising now to prepare myself to exercise through my pregnancy if I happen to get pregnant in the new year. Two more goals are to money manage better and to keep my house friggen clean. The last two goals will be the hardest. So...pray for me! :)

Sixth. Ski. Daniel is going skiing tonight with Chaz. Fun for them. Chaz is a boarder though but they can keep up with each other. They always go once a year. Good brother bonding time. I am not sure the main different between Snow Boarding and Skiing but I know they both have tons of fun. I also know I can't do either of the sports but I wish I could ha ha. I need me some lessons! :)

Anyway. That's my forever long blog. XoXo

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I am a slacker...

OK, so this is what my tree is supposed to look like. Although, this year we do not have a tree displayed. I have no excuse. I just suck at Christmas this year. I feel like all I have had time to do is shop for Christmas. I have done most of my shopping online so it has been pretty simple. I started shopping for everyone in October and still today I have a few last minute things I need to pick up before Christmas morning. With all the hustle and bustle of Christmas decorating my house was the last thing I needed to worry about. It made Daniel sad because he loves Christmas and he said that November 1, 2011 our tree goes up since I didn't have the time this year. I figure that is fair. Tacky, but fair. This picture is from 2008 I couldn't find one from last year. So Merry Christmas to all!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2 For 2

This is now post 2 in 2 days...go me! Well, my mom and all her siblings are changing the Christmas
Eve traditions we have had for ten plus years so that's a bummer. I am not finished with my Christmas shopping so there is another bummer. My sister and her husband will be in Cali for Christmas, another bummer. Josh and Missy live in Cali so they wont be here for Christmas, another bummer. Work is really slow, another bummer.

On the plus side we get a new primary class in the New Year which will be a fun new adventure! We miss miss our old class though. Daniel works Sunday mornings until 10AM which will be sad cuz our ward starts at 9AM in the New Year so he wont be going to sacrament meeting with me.

Christmas is getting closer and closer by the minute and I get to spend it with Daniel so I am pretty happy about that! :)

I am religiously looking for a different serving job so if you hear of anything just let me know! XoXo!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Wishful Thinking

So I was reminded yesterday by Aunt Connie that I hadn't updated my blog in a while! I am pretty sure she is the only one that regularly checks it and that is one of the many reasons she is so amazing! So, a special thanks goes out to her especially this time of year for being the best! I have always limited how much I write on here about Daniel's family but I have finally decided this is my online "journal" and for those people who don't want to read it, they really don't have too. We were invited by Aunt Connie to come over on Christmas. This was no surprise to me because she always includes us in every holiday and always remembers our birthday's and anniversary. I just find her heart bigger and bigger the more I get to know her. She has accepted me as a part of her family and my appreciation to her will never be able to show as much as I would like it too. We are very excited to visit them on Christmas and we are happy they will be in town this year.

With Christmas just a few days away I always am a wishful thinker and I hope that Daniel and I and his immediate family would be able to get together. Watching Daniel not have a proper mother/son relationship is hard. Especially since my family is so extremely close. I want to be able to go and see his mom and sisters a well as my family. This is not my place though and I understand that. It is something that needs to be fixed between him and his mom and no one else. I have never written anything like this on my blog because I was always cautious of what people would think if they read it but I have given up caring it has been over 3 years and there has been no conversation between Daniel and his mom. Its sad really and I know Daniel wants things to be fixed. He is just scared of rejection and that is perfectly normal. Hopefully things can be fixed sooner than later and this feud can finally come to an end.

My family had an early Christmas with Jelaire and Kelly since they will be in California. It was a fun little dinner and gift exchange.

Daniel and I are anticipating a very exciting 2011! Shelly my best friend from High School (we have been friends for like 50 million years) is getting married in June! We also hope many more great changes will be happening! I will keep you posted and I will try to acquire a list! Until then! XoXo