Saturday, May 7, 2011


It has been about a month since my last post and I would love to say I am completely dedicated to posting more often but in all honesty it slips my mind most of the time.

Mothers Day is tomorrow and I sure am grateful for my mom. I am actually grateful to all the moms out there who love their kids no matter what. I recently met someone who actually was in Daniel's ward when he was little and he was about Daniel's age. He has strayed from the church, picked up some nasty habits such as drinking and smoking but is one of the nicest people I have ever met. So out of curiosity I asked him why he left the church and he was more then willing to tell me his story. It was pretty much the typical story you hear "my parents forced the church on me" and " I never felt like I had a choice so I rebelled" and so on. Then he continued to say how no matter what he could have done his parents still loved and most importantly accepted him despite their disappointment. It goes to show me that there are moms out there that would rather be in their child's life than let wrong choices their children have made prevent them from knowing their children. This person has no intent in changing his life style and his mom and him came into CPK to eat together in celebration of Mothers Day today. They have a wonderful relationship and his mom is always quick to remind him that she loves him and will always be there for him through thick and thin. She treats all her kids equally and some have turned out more spiritual than not. Being a good mom can not be justified if you help out some of your children and throw the others under a bus. Being a good mom requires all of your children to be treated with love. So, I know their are good moms out there who look past their differences with their children so they can know and love them for the children of god they are. My mom has always been a very accepting and loving mom and for that I am extremely grateful. I hope I can be everything my mom is and more when I am a mom. Also, there is another mom I would like to recognize and that is Aunt Connie. She is such a wonderful mom to her children and equally as great of a mom to Daniel and I. She knows us better then we know ourselves and she is one of the most intelligent and wise people I have ever met. I am grateful to both her and my mom and their moms and their moms and generations down who have been such wonderful women. So, Happy Mothers Day to all the great moms in the world!