Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Crazy Weekend :)

So we didn't have to work this past weekend at Wingers. Yay for us right? Well sorta Yay. Ha ha even though we didn't work we had a weekend full of events. Thursday I had my friend Kara's Wedding. She got married in the Salt Lake Temple on September 23. We attended her ceremony, luncheon and reception so that was a full day of fun!
On Friday, September 24 Daniel's sister Nicole got married. It was so lovely and fun. They got sealed in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. Then they had a luncheon in there honor at there ward house. There reception was at Daniel and Nicole's Aunt Jan's house. It was done up really cute. We were really excited to spend that special day with them and be able to see Daniel's family.

Daniel asked Nicole for a special dance that they shared together

This is Daniel and his sister Maddie, they are twins!

Daniel's sister Ciara she is so cute and fun

The bride and groom with us before they left on their honeymoon

Then Saturday after the wedding my cousin Gage got baptized. My cousin Chauntay had a party for turning 3. Another cousin Drake, turned 18. Then, my sister turned 21?!?! We went to dinner and a movie for her birthday and it was such a fun day.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Halloween Decoration

So, Halloween is right around the corner and this past weekend I went to Swiss Days and saw some adorable Halloween decor. The main thing that stuck out in my head was a $50 chair. I totally would have forked over the money if it didn't seem so easy to make. I also figured I could make it cuter and I could probably make a little something to match it and that is just what I did. I made a Halloween chair with a cuter chair frame and cuter fabric and I made a wall hanging to go with it. I took the pictures with my phone so they aren't high quality but you get the just of it. These were really fun to make and I love them more since I made them.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So, I came across this age break down of how we think of our mothers. I have seen similar things before but this is almost exactly how I thought at each age so I found it comical and decided to post it.

At age 4: Mom knows everything!

At age 8: Mom knows a lot.

At age 12: Mom doesn’t really know everything.

At age 14: Mom doesn’t know anything because I know everything!

At age 16: Mom doesn’t exist because she is embarrassing and lame.

At age 18: Mom is controlling.

At age 21: Mom probably knows something about this.

At age 28: Mom knows a lot. I need to call her.

At age 35: Before we decide, let’s ask Mom.

At age 45: I wonder what Mom thinks about this?

At age 75: I wish I could ask my Mom about this.

I found this funny because the younger I was the more I looked up to my mom and then through my teenage years well, I didn't think my mom was cool. At all. Now I need her for everything. There are times that we disagree with certain subjects but overall her advice is great. There are a lot of moms that need to be taking notes on how to be a good mom and I could name a few of them. I got lucky enough to know a few of the great moms in the world. I am glad to have my Mom, Aunt's and Grandma's in my life! :)