Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I changed my mind and posted SOME of the pics but they are in random random random order so enjoy...

So, I am very good at taking pictures but not as good at posting them all on here. It takes super long to upload all of them and I have sooooo many!! So, go look on Facebook and they are all there. I would say the beginning of our staycation was going to the Journey concert. Daniel LOVES them and he has such a fun time. I however liked Foreigner much much more than Journey. My friend Ashley was also at the concert and we met up and talked for a while. We went with my parents because my dad got tickets through his work for us to go for free!! Daniel was super thrilled and I am glad he enjoyed every minute of it.

Next Josh and Missy came in town!!! We were with them every second they let us be! We did fireworks on the 24th with Missy and the kids because Josh had to go back to Cali for a bit. Also, Aunt Connie, Uncle Chris and the kids were over at my parents for the 24th!! Its pretty much a tradition! :) Then once Josh got back more fun continued. They went bowling, mini golfing, to the movies, dinner, the beach, the pool...you name it we did it. Missy and I worked on crafts pretty much every waking minute we could. They are Halloween crafts and we made them because we saw mini sized ones at the quilted bear and I decided we could make them better, so we did. It was so nice having them here and not in California. They came out here with some pretty good news of them getting out of the Navy when their contract is up. That is super nice for us to hear because that means they come home to Utah and we see them more often!! I mean Daniel and Josh are 'brothers' and all so it will be nice to have them closer for family parties and such.