Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So I had my 5K run this past weekend and boy did it kick my butt! I have been sore ever since. No worries though I ran yesterday just to see if I could handle the pain of the exercise and it looks like I can...barely! So a 5K is equal to 3.1 miles and it took me forever to run it! Shelly and Missy actually kicked my butt! I needed to train for it. I haven't been running in a while and my new favorite form of exercise is biking. Daniel keeps telling me I did so badly on the run because biking is so different than running. He is trying to make me feel better, good effort but it isn't working. I sucked and I know it, 38:38.1 minutes is what it took me to complete the race which is 12:25 minutes a mile. I did like 10 minute miles when I was in high school for gym class. I have never been much of a distance runner, I was a sprinter in High School for the track team and I now know why. Distance is hard stuff! I got my first side ache and running up the hills was murder. I am going to do better and I am going to get in better shape so I can do a mile in 10 minutes. That is my goal and I think it is pretty realistic. Shelly's time was 34:37.6 and Missy was 34:38.1 they rocked it! Missy has been running daily to get ready for this and it showed! She did awesome! As for my Mom and sister, they walked it. Jelaire had a hard time even walking it due to her fibromyalgia. I was glad we were all able to do this together! We all finished the race and that is all that matters. The race was to raise money for the Power in You organization and I am pretty sure with over 1300 women participating they raised a lot of money. A good cause is always worth a little effort and I am glad I did it.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

What Fun Is

<So it has been awhile since I have written anything and believe it or not tons of stuff has happened. It is a change since normally nothing new happens in our lives! Well Daniel made it through the first week of August which is nice since it was FINALS week for him. Then last week he had a CNA crash course that lasted five days while Wingers was shut down for remodeling. This week Daniel is finishing up his clinical/hands on assignments then shortly after this week he will take the state exam to become a registered CNA. It will be good for him since he is in Pre-Med and it will look really good when he applies for medical school. Also, Daniel applied to be a server at a brand new Olive Garden that opens the first of September. He of course got hired on the spot and the management was very excited to have him as part of their team. Corporate from Wingers already told him how much they will miss him and they are sad to see him go especially since he was in line next for a management position. I am staying at Wingers for now so it will be hard since we won’t see each other that much. Our schedules will most likely be different with him being brand new at a restaurant, he won’t get to choose his schedule. We will make it work though! This week is Daniel’s only week off from school since he had his CNA class, so we celebrated his week off from school by going to Lagoon. It was fun! Different things reminded him of memories he had with his family and how they used to go there all the time with his dad's side of the family. He remembered a ton and told different stories he remembered. One thing he remembered quite well is they would bring lunch and set up under a pavilion, since it was cheaper then buying food there. I understand why, it was practically an arm and a leg to eat anything. It was fun for Daniel to reminisce about the past and fun for me to learn more about his family. After a full day at Lagoon we went straight home and fell asleep. I am getting ready for a 5K race this Saturday with a bunch of girls both family and friends. I will post my experience with that the first of next week. Daniel starts school and Olive Garden training on Monday so he has an eventful week to look forward too. We both have adjusting to do since we won’t be working with each other five shifts a week! Like I said, a lot has happened this past month, but all of it is for the better. Good luck to us with all the changes!