Monday, July 26, 2010

24th Weekend

After I got off work Friday night from Wingers I went home and got ready to party. My cousin Sabrina and her daughter Chauntay went downtown for the 24th of July Pioneer Day parade, which was Daniel's last parade. We planned on sleeping down there and waking up for the parade. Well, that plan didn't go over so well because it ended up being impossible to sleep. So we napped for about 45 minutes and then we waited for the parade to start at 9am. The parade was really slow and nothing I imagined. It took forever and they didn't even throw candy or anything to make it exciting. I enjoyed watching Daniel but this will be the only year I go to the Days of 47 parade (I am not sure why it is called that but it is) Then I took a 2 hour nap that day and got ready for a party at my parents house with Daniel's Aunt and her family. I was pretty much a zombie at the party but I still had fun and I hope everyone else did. We lit off fireworks, had snacks and visited. I sure do love my in-laws. They are so awesome and so fun :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Recent Addiction!

So I have always loved to shop! For real, I could do it for a hobby, sport, job or for no reason at all. It is not so strange because my mother likes to shop also. I was born and raised to shop. I would not say I am as extreme as Rebecca Bloomwood (a.k.a. Isla Fisher) in Confessions of a Shopoholic. Although I could very easily become that addicted if I didn't have bills to pay and if I believed in credit cards. Since I think credit cards are a waste of money and too much stress I don't have as big of problem as some people do. My problem however persists in WANT, which turns to desire and then turns into need. For example I want this gorgeous pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. Then I began to desire them, think of them more often and now I just strait up need them. Daniel and I are going to New York for fun and they sell them! They sell Louboutin shoes within walking distance of where we are staying. You better bet I am going to go and look at them. Daniel is my anchor because he wont budge on letting me buy shoes for as much as Louboutin shoes run. For those of you who are not educated on high fashion glamor I will tell you the cheapest pair would probably cost around $600 U.S. cold hard cash. The particular pair I need run about $1000. Will I ever own a pair of Louboutin shoes? Yes. Will it be in the near future? Probably not. I will have to wait until Daniel is a rich doctor and I am a wealthy business owner of the most fabulous reception center in Utah. My sister thinks I have a problem and she says that my personality resembles Khloe Kardashian and my shopping habits compare to Kim Kardashian. She watches Keeping up with the Kardashians and she laughs because she says I am a combo of two out of the tree of the girls. Don't get me wrong though, even though my shopping is a little extreme I still love a good sale. Daniel says I will buy just about anything and if it is on sale then it is a for sure sign I was meant to own it. I am a hard worker and I feel like I deserve to have anything that I want. Daniel deserves it too and he is just as superficial as I am just in a different area...Electronics. He has to have the best of the best and wont settle for anything less. I love it. I got new luggage for my birthday back in January and the luggage was one of the things that consumed me until I found a reason I needed it and then I bought it. Gotta love addiction :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Lives The Past 3 Months

Well, back in April we found out that our friends Josh and Missy are pregnant with a little girl. They are going to name her Teagan which I think is way cute. We went to Virginia from May 6-10 and we had so much fun. On the first Day we went to dinner and went bowling. Day two we went to the beach that is probably 2 minutes from Josh and Missy's house and enjoyed each others company for the rest of the day.
Then on the third day we went to Busch Gardens amusement park and it was such a blast it had some great roller coasters. On day four we went to the Virginia Zoo and it is so nice. I am used to the Hogle Zoo which is nothing compared to how pretty the Virginia Zoo is. Then on the last day we went to Virginia Beach and it was perfect. The sand was was soft and the waves were wonderful. I wanted to rent a four seat bike but no one else wanted to so we walked along the shops and had such a fun time until we had to leave to go to the airport. Our plane ended up having technical problems and so we flew to Georgia for the night and then they flew us home a day later than expected. Which was fine because we got to spend one extra vacation day with each other. After we got home regular life started school and work once again consumed our lives. I went on a 5k walk with my cousins which was really fun! In June we broke out of our usual routine and went mini golfing with our friends Chad and Shelly. Daniel joinied the Salt Lake Community College summer band and he is also in an all mens choir. He ended up getting really sick with Virtigo and wasn't able to preform at the final concert for the choir and he missed two parades that he was supposed to be in with the band. It sucked for him and it took him a little over a week to fully recover. He was luckily better by the 4th of July and we had fun celebrating. We spent our day in Sandy as usual and went to the fair, the hotel room my family always rents so we are walking distance from all the festivities, watched the parade and the fire works. This year Daniel's Aunt and family came to watch the fireworks which was so great! Daniel still has a couple parades left until he is finished beign in the summer band and I thought it was pretty neat watching him preform since I am not used to that kind of thing. He does really good and I am glad that he is involved in something that he enjoys.