Friday, December 2, 2011

The Nutcracker

Well, Daniel and I went to see The Nutcracker. He enjoyed the music and I enjoyed spending time with him. I am not big into the whole ballet thing and neither is he but he loves music. I sat their thinking how uncomfortable the men in those awfully see through tights must feel. I mean....maybe I am mean but one word came to mind..EW! I know I am mean but most of you probably think the same thing. Anyway all in all we had a nice FREE date compliments of my work! Here are some awful photos of me that night...Daniel looks nice but I look like poop! Oh well!!

I need to get better at car pics!!Me es no bueno!!! As Daniel was clearly telling me in this pic!! Ha Ha gotta love it!


11/30 WEEK 16

Nothing abnormal is happening other than the fact that people are noticing my ever so quickly growing stomach. I am not sure how much longer I am going to be able to hide this fabulous secret! I only need to hide it for three more weeks. We find out the gender in 22 days. December 22nd I have an appointment to see the gender. It is so crazy I can hardly even wait. My tummy is definitely growing so I am hoping it slows down just a bit so we can hide it until Christmas Eve at least!! We might possibly tell everyone on the 22nd so that way it is out in the open to at least our parents before we tell the rest of the family on Christmas. Anyway…if it is a boy the name is set but if it is a girl we have no idea what we will be naming her. I will most likely have Daniel make the final choice for the girl name since I picked the boys name and he didn’t have much of a say. I still have to pee all the time!! I literally could go to the bathroom and once I get out of the bathroom I feel like I could literally go again within that same second. I still think pretty much every food under the sun sounds disgusting half the time. I thought that everything was supposed to sound delicious and I was supposed to be able to eat anything I want and feel no guilt. What happened to that? Also, I am not gaining weight currently but my weight is shifting. My wedding ring does not fit and my gut is huge. Oh the wonderful life of being pregnant!! So, aside from thinking everything sounds gross a Reese’s milkshake sounded spectacular yesterday which is odd since from the start of my pregnancy ice cream, milkshakes, yogurt and most dairy has sounded quite nasty. So I decided to go get a McFlurry from McDonalds. I got to the window and the guy said, “it will be $2.69” so I gave him two dollar bills and three quarters. The kid looked at the money and looked at me and said “it is $2.69”, and I said “I gave you 2.75” he said “no, you gave me 2.55” I just stared at the kid like he lost his mind but I am sure he is right and I probably gave him two quarters and a nickel and then I replied “you know what, I totally believe you I am pregnant and apparently I can’t count and I am losing my mind”. The kid laughed and said “that’s understandable”. Then I started to look for the remaining change and I counted it out and for some reason I got to count the remaining and I just could not figure out how much money I still needed to pay the poor guy standing in the window. After shuffling around and fooling around with the change I looked up and asked him how much more money he needed he replied “.14 cents” and then he continued to laugh at me until my stupid pregnant brain got together .14 freaking cents. Then I pulled forward to the window only assuming that all of McDonalds was in there making fun of the stupid lady at the window!! So that is how dumb I feel being pregnant. I can’t even do simple math and might I add math was one of my best subjects!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

What happens if...


Black Friday Crew!!
Have you ever wondered what would happen if you tried to shove 20+ worth of potato peels down your garbage disposal? Well, wonder NO MORE...I have discovered what will happen! The sink pretty much explodes and your gracious husband gets to play handy man. This is the mess I created....

Under the sink completely flooded!

What a trooper!
Almost finished cleaning up and fixing my mess!
Shelly and I made Halloween crafts...we are planning ahead :) This is the process to total cuteness...
This is our finished product...

Its time to decorate for Christmas!

Our Winter buddies..
Daniel topping our tree!

The finished product of our decorating together!!!My awesome wreath I made..Shelly and I both made one!

The stockings hanging above our fire place...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving - Black Friday


Thanksgiving! So, Daniel and I had two Thanksgiving dinners to go to. Aunt Connie’s was at noon and my families was at 3pm. The night before I got a call from my Aunt Jeni who said that her plans fell through for a church she had booked and we had to move our dinner to 1pm. I was so stressed to say the least. I had to figure out a way to make it to both. So Wednesday night I started prepping my food!!! To Aunt Connie’s we took Daniel’s family favorite…Pistachio dessert. We enjoyed our yummy dinner that Daniel ate two helpings of!! I had bread that is so yummylicious and potatoes that were made special for me since I don’t like mashed potatoes. Then we left there at 1:15 to head to Eagle Mountain for my family dinner. We arrived at about 2pm we were an hour late but they were expecting that. I had brought rolls, green bean casserole with green beans from Daniel’s grandma’s garden, mashed potatoes, a chocolate pie and drinks. Daniel ate a little but mainly he took leftover’s home and has been living on them lately. He loves leftover’s I think they are gross!! He took a little bit of everything since we were smart and brought Tupperware J. After dinner some of us girls made shirts that said “Once you go black you never go back…Black Friday 2011”. We sure did wear them shopping too!!

Black Friday---It all started Thursday at 10pm at Wal-mart so if anyone knows what that means it means we were really there by like 7:30pm on Thursday. We were positioned all over Wal-mart to get all the goods! Aunt Jeni, Aunt Jelaire, Dakota, Adrian, Nicole, Ana, Stevie, Jen, Maddie, Jakob, Brina and me, we had a small army!!! At 9:55pm the battle for the goods started and can I just tell you MEN who are 6’6” and weigh 250+ should not be allowed to be so aggressive. Brina got her finger sliced open and got sat on and pushed over and I got shoved and have bruises all over my body over a $3 item!!! After the craziness at Wal-mart we went and ate at I-Hop then we went back to Wal-mart for the Midnight sale. We bought more stuff there then we went to Target. We got everything we needed there even though we didn’t wait in the cold. Then we went to Smith’s Marketplace and waited in the car from 3am until 5am then me and Brina bolted in the doors and got exactly what we needed. Then I dropped Brina off at home and went to bed at 7:30am!!! I slept until 2pm on Friday then I finally unloaded my car and Daniel and I went out to the Dollar Store, Kohls and Wal-mart again!!! I am crazy I know!! That is my Black Friday 2011 experience….next year I just might do it online!!

WEEK 14 & 15

11/16 WEEK 14

Ugh!? Super super sick!! I have been miserable!! On Friday I got to feeling really sick I woke up early and cleaned the house then all of a sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks. I got super sick. I was making dinner cuz Shelly and Jake were coming over and I started crying my eyes out to Daniel. Random pregnancy tears I am assuming. It was absolutely horrible. I needed to rest. I of course didn’t rest and it only got worse from there. I had picked up some extra hours at work on Saturday so I had to be there from 8 AM -9 PM. It was like murder. I sat in my char at my little desk with my blankie wrapped around me and had the chills and the sniffles and watery eyes for 13 hours. I am sure it didn’t make things any better with the fact that I am pregnant and can hardly take any meds. Plus, I thought I couldn’t take any kind of cold medicine so I literally suffered all day on Saturday before I called my doctor and asked what I can take. Thereaflu is one of the cold meds that I can take so you better believe I have been living on that this past week. Daniel set up the humidifier and I snuggle in bed every day when I get off work so I can try and feel better. Sunday I of course didn’t go to church I lounged around the house practically dying. The rest of this week I have been trying to overcome this awful cold. I am finally officially in my second trimester!!!! YAY!! You would think that the sickness of all kind would have stopped. We are in the countdown to finding out if this little bundle of joy is a boy or a girl. 6 weeks to go!! So far the votes are up there in the girl department. It wouldn’t surprise me but a boy would still be fun and is what my gut wants, either will be fun though. Also…heatburn….ugh…does it ever stop? I just hate it. I feel like nothing makes it better. Luckily my friend at work just told me tums are my best friend so ima go buy me some tums!!!

11/23 WEEK 15

Nothing has really changed. As a matter of fact I probably would say that the heartburn has been getting worse. They say heartburn means lots of hair…we shall see!! Aside from that I am achy and painy….BOO ACHES AND PAINS!!! My back might as well break…it would probably feel better!! I know it only gets worse from here but one word…UGH!!! Pants are getting tighter and it is getting harder and harder to hide the fact that I am pregnant. I need a new wardrobe! I am thinking we are going to go into the mall and go to a place called Fetal Studio and get the gender of the child the week before Christmas. I will be calling and setting up an appointment. See Daniel and I don’t have insurance yet and my insurance kicks in 12/05 Daniel’s kicks in 01/01 Daniel’s insurance is expensive and mine is definitely cheaper so I really don’t know what we will do!! The point of that is if I want to find out the gender through my Dr I have to pay almost $400 in December for a visit and an ultra sound. I can go to the Fetal Studio and find out the gender for $50 so I def think I will be doing that.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


11/09 13 Weeks! My clothes are tighter and my tummy is slowly growing. I knw there aren’t a lot of changes in how I feel this week from last but I am almost out of my first trimester. By the end of this week I am out!! They say at the end of week 13 you are no longer in the first trimester. I am hoping that my hormones and how I feels goes a little bit more normal than how I feel now. I feel sick still and I seriously think pregnancy is like puberty my skin is horrid!!! I have to wash my hair daily and I feel like I break out everywhere….I know TMI but for real this has to be documented that it is no frolic in the park!! Anyway 7 weeks to go until I get to find out the gender of this little one!! Daniel and I are finding more and more names we like which is good because variety is always a good thing. Daniel is still sad that lovey dovey is not my thing lately but he will get over it..ha!! That’s horrid for me to say but it’s true.

Happy Annniversary

11/09 Happy Anniversary to Daniel and I and what a wonderful four years it has been. We are basically like a normal old married couple this year. We did NOTHING!!! We both went our separate ways in the morning and Daniel went to work, then school and I went to work. Later that evening I helped Chaz answer a girl to the Bingham Ball that had asked him. That was all sorts of fun and totally reminded me of high school. Then I watched Cassidy and we fell asleep watching Duck Tales “woo ooo” Ha!! (You would only get that if you watched Duck Tales back in the day) Anyway…nothing of much more excitement happened earlier this week! So See ya!!

Daniel and his family

11/05 It is a miracle. Daniel called his mom yesterday and left a message and she called him back late last night so he didn’t get the message until today. So after he got off work this afternoon he called her. They talked for a bit and caught up in life. He told her how school and work is going and she caught him up on the life of the family and what is going on with his sisters. She also informed him how excited Ciara and Maddie were to hear that he had called. We are going to go over there for dinner when Nicole and Rylar come in town in the next week or so. That will be fun and exciting. I am so thrilled that we are going to have a relationship with Daniel’s family. It has been way too long and I am excited to get to know each and every one of them. I don’t know them and they don’t know me so it is hard and it always has been for me. Family is such an important part of my life that I can’t even grasp not being in contact with them for 4 years. Daniel is excited too he is nervous also since he feels like he doesn’t know any of them at all. It will be the best when we tell Marne’ she is going to be a grandma and his sisters are going to be Aunts. We are still planning on telling everyone around Christmas time. We will know the gender and Daniel is ecstatic to tell his mom. I have never seen him more anxious in his whole life. It’s cute.

Friday, November 4, 2011




Wednesday, November 2, 2011

12 Weeks!

11/02 12 weeks!! I had my first doctor appointment on 10/31 yes, that’s right Halloween. I figured it was appropriate since it is my very favorite holiday and I got to see my very first baby for the very first time that day. I was super happy and so was Daniel the little thing had its hand on its head the whole time so we couldn’t see the profile very well but it is so precious that I have a little baby growing inside me. Daniel wants a girl which makes sense due to the fact that he has all sisters. I want a boy because I am a little on the lazy side and they are easier. However we would be happy with either!! A baby is a baby and its our baby so we can hardly stand waiting to know the gender. At this moment in time we have a name picked out for both a boy and a girl. Boy=Zyker and Girl= Silver. They are unique and I picked the boy name and Daniel picked the girl name. I know that names don’t always stick before the baby is born but right now we have chosen those names. The doctor said everything looks good and he will see me every 4 weeks from now on. He also said that I could get in around the 22nd of December so we know the gender of the baby before we tell anyone. We are debating on how long we are going to wait right now. We are thinking Thanksgiving at the soonest and Christmas at the latest. Everyone is assuming but it’s not official until we say. I am still super super tired and I don’t want to do anything my doc says that will ease up in the second trimester then the third I will get tired again. I don’t really like very many foods at this point and I haven’t gained any weight either. I figured since I started out the pregnancy a little plump then it would be helpful to gain as little as possible.

11 WEEKS!! I am having a Baby

10/26 11 weeks!! Well I am having a baby!! I went off the lovely birth control on May 31, 2011. People said it could take six months to get pregnant. I however got pregnant in August…probably between the 17-24. Daniel and I have decided to keep this on the down low until at least the end of November. We are actually considering keeping it a secret until the gender of the child is known. People have stopped asking if I am pregnant and it is nice because I just don’t want anyone to know even though people are assuming. I had given up on getting pregnant near the end of July because I figured if I give up I will get pregnant. So, I gave up and started running. I was running 3.5 miles every day until my exhaustion hit and I gave up on that temporarily because I got pregnant!!! . I am hoping after the first trimester is over I can start on the treadmill again. I have a doctor appointment in a day less than a week. My first doctor appointment is on none other than my favorite holiday Halloween!! We will get the first ultra sound and also hear the baby’s heart beat. I am so excited. I will be almost 12 weeks on my first appointment. This puts me at 11 weeks today. I am hoping I will be consistent and post once a week. So far my pregnancy has consisted of exhaustion, nausea and more exhaustion. I am so tired all the time. I pretty much get home from work and lay in bed watching TV for the remainder of the evening. Daniel pretty much thinks I have turned into a lazy bum. I never thought pregnancy would make me this tired but it sure has!! Gotta love it.


10/21 Friday was lots of fun. Shelly and Jake came over and we ate pizza for dinner. Then we had craft night for us girls and the boys played video games. Shell and I could not figure out what we wanted to do for the longest time. We went to Michael’s to brainstorm then we decided to make a heart with cupid on it and a Mummy for Halloween. We bought some stuff and headed over to JoAnn’s to get some fabric and a few more supplies. Then after spending like $6.50 each we were ready to craft. We went home and cut out hearts out of the wood and cut out the paper cupids. We then painted our hearts red and by that time it was sleepy time. So we will work on our crafts next weekend

10/22 Saturday I woke up and took grandma shopping. Then after that Daniel and I went to Shelly’s niece Brylee’s 2nd birthday party. She is super cute and it was so fun to hang with the family. Then Daniel and I went home and I painted our pantry door. (I ruined it with cleaner a while back and so some of it was missing paint). Then we snuggled it up the rest of the night and enjoyed the rest of our evening.

10/23 Sunday was stake conference, I sure didn’t go because Daniel worked and I didn’t want to go alone. So, when Daniel got home from work we did a little cleaning and then we went to have waffles at Aunt Connie’s. Yum Yum!! We visited with them for a few hours and I helped pick grandma and grandpa Cosman’s garden. They sent us home with bags full of fresh veggies!! (How did we get so stinkin lucky) Also grandma gave me some fabric to help me finish my Halloween costume which I am more than grateful for because now I might actually get done on time. I really need to get better each year and make my costume early. It is slightly stressful when the week of I have pretty much nothing done and I am stressing to get it together.

10/24 Monday was work work work. Then I got to watch my cousins little boy Cassidy and we watched Surfs Up, Daniel and him played Donkey Kong on the Wii, we ate dinner, played outside then we fell asleep like little babies by like 9. Daniel stayed awake of course and waited for Rachel to get out of class and come get Cassidy. Fun day.

10/25 Tuesday was pretty boring. Normal day then I relaxed and watched some TV shows until I fell asleep.

10/26 Wednesday I watched Cassidy again and we visited my Grandma Helen for her 91st birthday. She is still pretty active which is so good. I hope she lives forever!! I just love my grandma so much. We go shopping every Saturday that we can and it is so much time. I mean, you can never spend too much time with people in this world while we still have them. Daniel and I got her two books and some candy for her birthday. She reads a couple books every week so it is hard to keep up with since she goes so fast. After we visited with her for a couple hours I ran an errand with my aunt Jelaire and Chauntay because they are in town from their move to Cali. So I spent a little time with them then I went home and Daniel, Cassidy and I watched The Incredibles.

10/27 Thursday I got home from work and made myself some delicious pasta salad!! Then I made Daniel a dish out of a cookbook with the fresh squash from the garden that we had received earlier this week. I hope he liked it. Ha. Then I went over my Halloween costume and figured everything I need to do to get it done by Monday. Since I haven’t even started this should be fun….I need to not procrastinate.

10/28 Friday was relaxing. Normally I would have this day off but I went into work because I switched someone shifts. Then after that I relaxed at home enjoying the evening.

10/29 Saturday I woke up early to go to the Primary program practice. My I have five kids, Jack and Myles are twins, Jake, Will and Hailey. We practiced then ate doughnuts. After that I took grandma shopping, of course. Then Daniel and I went on a hunt to find a few last minute things for our costumes. Then we ate at Café Rio and we saw our little primary boy Jake and his family there. Then we went home and I started my costume. I finished the cape and started the dress. I got the top of the dress done and was so tired so I had to call it a night.

10/30 Sunday was the Primary Program my kids did so well, they probably have the most energy out of every class in the entire primary…actually they might have more energy than the entire primary combined. I love them so much though they are all now officially 5 and they are so much fun. They keep me on my toes at all times. We have four little boys and one little girl. As a matter of fact during class the little girl decided she wanted one of the little boys to be her boyfriend so she decided to grab his face and give him a huge smooch on the cheek. Then she wanted more kisses and had to tell her no more. Ha, kids are so stinkin funny. The primary president asked me if I have had enough of primary since Daniel and I have been in for just about two years. I told her I will never be sick of it and I meant every word of that. I love love love primary and I would be in it forever if I could. I even told her I would give a talk on the importance of a primary calling and how it should never be taken for granted. Anyway…after church we came home and ate lunch then we went over to Jake and Shelly’s to carve pumpkins. Daniel carved Parry the platypus, I carved Ariel, Shelly carved a haunted house and Jake carved a scary face. Then they made dinner for us we had BBQ chicken and cheesy potatoes…YUM!! After dinner we went home to work on our costumes. I stressed a little and finally got the dress finished. So we went to sleep to wake up for our long day of Halloween.

10/31 HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! I woke up early to get my costume on and went to work. Then there was the annual party at my mom’s house and Chaz and Brock has a bunch of friends over which was fun. Shelly and Jake and Maddie and Jakob came over to party hardy with us. Daniel and I looked pretty amazing if I do say so myself.

11/01 Tuesday I went to work and when I got home I cooked up my pumpkin seeds from carving pumpkins on Sunday. They were delicious!! I ate a bunch but considering I had 4 pumpkins worth of seeds and I am the only one that likes them I was in heaven!! Daniel and I cleaned the house and then we hung out with Maddie and Jakob for a bit. Then it was beddy bye time!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm BaAaAck...

Well hello to all! Many people would say I have fallen off the face of the earth that however is not entirely the case. I did although take a break from all social internet sites. I had no particular reason but I am here to say I am back!!
This time every year my family takes a trip to Cali. We are super sad we could not go but I started a new job and in the first 90 days there is no vacation. It totally blows but we will hopefully be looking forward to a trip sooner than later to the wonderful and dearly missed California. Happy Birthday to my dad yesterday, we are usually in Disneyland for his birthday so it was quite sad to spend dinner at Chilies rather than on Pirates of the Caribbean or Space Mountain. We will survive though.
My new job is working at Comcast and boy oh boy do I love to hate it. I don't know what it is about a call center but I will tell you this when I no longer need to work there I will never look back. It is a job and for that I am grateful but as far as enjoying my new job...its NEVER going to happen. People are quite annoying. I know, I sound rude but in reality people suck. Game over.
On a much brighter note....its OCT-freaking-TOBER!!!!! My favorite month, season and holiday are currently upon us. Daniel and I have decided on being none other than Red Riding Hood and The Wolf. We always have to go all out for Halloween since it is my all time favorite holiday. I will be working on my cape/cloak the next few weeks and Daniel's costume is coming along quite nice as far as ideas go :)
Well, until next time..see ya! XOXO

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I changed my mind and posted SOME of the pics but they are in random random random order so enjoy...

So, I am very good at taking pictures but not as good at posting them all on here. It takes super long to upload all of them and I have sooooo many!! So, go look on Facebook and they are all there. I would say the beginning of our staycation was going to the Journey concert. Daniel LOVES them and he has such a fun time. I however liked Foreigner much much more than Journey. My friend Ashley was also at the concert and we met up and talked for a while. We went with my parents because my dad got tickets through his work for us to go for free!! Daniel was super thrilled and I am glad he enjoyed every minute of it.

Next Josh and Missy came in town!!! We were with them every second they let us be! We did fireworks on the 24th with Missy and the kids because Josh had to go back to Cali for a bit. Also, Aunt Connie, Uncle Chris and the kids were over at my parents for the 24th!! Its pretty much a tradition! :) Then once Josh got back more fun continued. They went bowling, mini golfing, to the movies, dinner, the beach, the name it we did it. Missy and I worked on crafts pretty much every waking minute we could. They are Halloween crafts and we made them because we saw mini sized ones at the quilted bear and I decided we could make them better, so we did. It was so nice having them here and not in California. They came out here with some pretty good news of them getting out of the Navy when their contract is up. That is super nice for us to hear because that means they come home to Utah and we see them more often!! I mean Daniel and Josh are 'brothers' and all so it will be nice to have them closer for family parties and such.