Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sickness, its that time of year!

Well, Daniel and I did not dodge any bullets this year with illness. Daniel ended up getting sick the beginning of the month and I shortly followed. Then with luck we were well for our 3 year anniversary!! THREE YEARS, I can barely believe it. I have been happily married for quite some time now which is more than most people can say these days since divorce is on a rise. We have both our parents to thank for our knowledge of good marriages. We are 3 years into the marriage with forever more to go, which is totally awesome. For our anniversary we went to Rodizio Grill, I got the salad bar of course and Daniel ate enough meat both of us. Then we went home and watched Toy Story 3 for the first time. We thought it was cute then the rest of the night is history :) ....... After that our week went back to normal. Full days of work and no time for play. Saturday night Daniel worked and I helped my mom make gingerbread couples out of felt to decorate for a young single adult dinner she is in charge of. Those took forever and I started getting sick. So I rested that night went about our Sunday duties as primary teachers, went to my parents for dinner, finished the gingerbread couples, went home and went straight to bed. I ended up getting very sick that night and taking the day off both my jobs, which I never do. Then the sickness has carried on and I am still trying to get over it. My mom thinks I had the stomach flu with a head cold. What a nice combination...right? HA! Well, other than my sickness nothing is new. Thanksgiving is right around the corner which is every Vegetarians favorite holiday. Smile. I will look forward to planning my Black Friday attack with my crazy family that day. Until next time...see ya! xoxo

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I love Halloween as everyone knows it is my favorite holiday. We made our costumes once again. They turned out pretty spectacular. I was up until 4 am the night before finishing up but it was well worth it. All my best friends were there with me on my favorite holiday and I couldn't have asked for anything more! Happy Halloween! The pictures say everything so here ya go...


So, I am finally updating my blog from October! :) We went to California the week of my Dad's birthday. We all drove there as a family. Day one we went to the Orange County Sawp Meet and the Dana Point Harbor. I absolutely love both of these places and I went crazy at the Swap Meet and bought tons of things...of course!

Dana Point Harbor
Then the next three days we went to Disneyland. We stayed in a hotel near Disneyland and we walked there every morning. We were at Disneyland for my Dad's birthday and we all had so much fun! It is Daniel's all time favorite place so he lived it up to its fullest and did everything he wanted to do.

Disney Castle

A Bug's Life

Waiting for The Haunted Mansion ride

Toon Town

The beginning of Disneyland

Tea Cups!

Mater and Lightning McQueen

Jail Time

My Dad is STRONG
Daniel and I goofing off

It's a buggie bug world

Then on day five we went to Universal Studios and it was my first time there. Daniel had been there before. It was pretty neat taking the tours and learning about movie sets.

Driving there


The Flinstones
Despicable Me

Hollywood Baby

Day 6 we went to the San Diego Zoo and Sea World. I had never been to the Zoo in California and it was HUGE! We didn't plan for the size of it. I plan to go there again because I didn't even see all the things I wanted to see.

Ploar Bears

Giant Elephants

Daniel liked the big Cats

Sea World

Dinner our last night in Cali

We all had so much fun and hopefully will be able to do more vacations like this one with our families.