Wednesday, February 29, 2012


02/28 WEEK 30

I feel very bloated. I am sure it is very normal. Azalia is now over 3 pounds and growing like a maniac! I am still very sore and I have a 30 week Dr appointment later in the week. My exhaustion has slightly overwhenmed me after working on sanding the dresser and armoire and also painting the bathroom and her room with Daniel. Also, making dinner for Daniel’s birthday pretty much forced me bed ridden. I have been so tired to the point where I can barely stay awake at work. Hopefully my energy increases and doesn't decrease. I still have lots of work to do!!

Happy Birthday to Daniel

On February 19th we went over to Aunt Connie’s for dinner to celebrate our birthday’s. She is so sweet to have a little celebration for us. We had Mexican food which is of course one of my favorites. She also made a yummy cake that we made into strawberry shortcakes. Yum yum! They spoiled us as ususal with gifts! We got baby stuff which is nice because we need all the baby stuff we can get. They gave us a huge box of diapers and wipes. Then we got some baby clothes. LaReine and Grandma Cosman made a baby blanket, burp cloth and adorable bibs. Chere’ made a blanket and burp cloth. We definitely scored with the goods!!

The rest of the week went by super fast with us working on the room and bathroom for Azalia. I prepared for Daniel’s birthday and before I knew it his birthday was here!!

The day before his birthday on February 26th we celebrated with my family. I worked on preparing a pizza bar the night before and most of the afternoon on Sunday. I made pizza crusts and chopped up toppings. Then I made Daniel a birthday cake with his favorite cake which is rainbow chip. Then I also made ‘cup-o-dirts’ (chocolate pudding, crushed Oreos and gummy worms). Daniel opened his gifts after our delicious dinner and dessert. From my parents he got a Pass of all Passes to 7 Peaks, from grandma he got a Zelda video game, from Maddie and Jakob he got a really nice Element beanie, from my grandma Nelta and Mike he got cash and from me he got two Element t shirts, an Element belt, three more video games, a Greenbay Packers beach towel, and a new laptop case. He was spoiled.

On his actual birthday he had school until 9 o’clock. So the day after we went over to his moms to celebrate. She made us fondue! It was so yummy and I ate my little heart out. She put stuff up for both Daniel and I for our birthday. There were cute birthday signs and balloons everywhere. She gave us movie certificate gift cards and a gift card to Red Robin which was Daniel’s dads favorite restaurant. Ciara and Maddie celebrated and ate dinner with us. It was fun and we ended up talking for like 5 hours after dinner. So fun.

So Daniel’s birthday weekend was very fun to say the least and he got just about everything he could have asked for.


02/21 WEEK 29

So, this week has been very productive when it comes to Azalia and her awesome room. My parents bought us a crib which is very nice and helpful. We ordered it at the beginning of the week and it already came in. My grandma bought me a bassinet which is beautiful and it comes in next week. Daniel and I worked on painting the baby room and the bathroom that will match the baby room. Daniel did very good and he was very fast when it came to the painting. Daniel also put up the chandelier and it looks lovely. So our house is still upside down but at least we are pushing forward and getting stuff done so I don’t feel so behind. My mom was a huge help this week and helped me sand the dresser and armoire for 2 days. I worked on it with her most of the time but she took some of the pieces home and sanded them at her house. We finished all the sanding and now it is just waiting to get painted.

As far as Azalia herself, she is getting bigger and bigger and heavier by the day. I am humongous and she moves around so much. She seems to think the right side of my ribs is the perfect place to push on because it is constantly sore there. She will be kicking there and the only way to stop her is to put my hands on the place she is kicking. Sometimes my hands don’t do the trick because she seems to know it is me but if Daniel puts his hands there then she stops moving. So, sometimes I just have him hold my stomach to temporarily relieve me from the pain of her kicks.

Friday, February 17, 2012


02/14 Week 28

So, I bought fabric to make Azalia’s bedding. I also have a chandelier and three picture frames. I am definitely making some progress since last week. I had been religiously looking everywhere for a bedroom set and I have finally decided I definitely want to refinish a dresser for her room. Color furniture is very popular and I thought a lavender dresser would look absolutely adorable in her room. So my mother and I went out on a furniture hunt. Everyone knows how my awesome brain works and used things aren’t necessarily what I love but that is the only way to do what I really want to do in her room. So, I broke down and went D.I. hunting!! I found nothing and I had been searching on KSL day after day with nothing standing out to me. So, one last attempt at KSL before I claimed defeat….and I found it!!! I found a lovely dresser and matching armoire for Azalia’s room!!! I was so excited my parents and I went and picked it up that night. The lady I bought it from kept it in practically perfect condition and CLEAN!!! Yay! I scored! So, now I have quite the project ahead of me.

I had my 28 week appointment today and I measured at 29cm which is just a slightly above average for how far along I am. It is usually about a centimeter for every week you are. I got the test results back for pregnancy diabetes and I passed with flying colors. My score was 109 and for them to be worried it would need to be 140. The doctor did diagnose me with Anemia and so he said I am going to be more tired than the typical pregnant woman. It explains some dizzy spells I have been having. He wants me on an iron supplement and he also wants me to eat more protein. The problem is protein and I are not the best of friends. I was vegetarian for so long that I don’t eat a whole lot of it. So I told him I will try my hardest. I almost tinkled in my pants the other day at work because Azalia was pushing so hard on my bladder!! Lovely, I know!

Happy Valentines Day!

Daniel bought me a dozen red roses and a box of delicious See’s candies!! We went to dinner at T.G.I.Friday’s with Maddie and Jakob. It was a simple but lovely Valentine’s Day!


02/07 WEEK 27

Hello third trimester, where have you been my whole pregnancy?! I know I have like an eternity left of my pregnancy but I have finally made it 1/3 of the way there! I am in the third trimester and I have 13 weeks to go!! This week consisted of Baby registering! With baby shower s in the air I needed to get the show on the road. I have decided to register at Buy Buy Baby and I can’t decide where else to register. I know I need to register at more than one place but I just can’t think of where. Every place I think of I am unsure of. I like the idea of places like Wal-Mart, Target, Shopko, Kmart, JC Penney, Babies R Us, etc. I just can’t pull it together and decide. I have been very indecisive so far about everything baby. I don’t even have her room started…that’s right, nothing is done or decided! She continues to move a lot and I continue to be uncomfortable.