Wednesday, February 29, 2012


02/21 WEEK 29

So, this week has been very productive when it comes to Azalia and her awesome room. My parents bought us a crib which is very nice and helpful. We ordered it at the beginning of the week and it already came in. My grandma bought me a bassinet which is beautiful and it comes in next week. Daniel and I worked on painting the baby room and the bathroom that will match the baby room. Daniel did very good and he was very fast when it came to the painting. Daniel also put up the chandelier and it looks lovely. So our house is still upside down but at least we are pushing forward and getting stuff done so I don’t feel so behind. My mom was a huge help this week and helped me sand the dresser and armoire for 2 days. I worked on it with her most of the time but she took some of the pieces home and sanded them at her house. We finished all the sanding and now it is just waiting to get painted.

As far as Azalia herself, she is getting bigger and bigger and heavier by the day. I am humongous and she moves around so much. She seems to think the right side of my ribs is the perfect place to push on because it is constantly sore there. She will be kicking there and the only way to stop her is to put my hands on the place she is kicking. Sometimes my hands don’t do the trick because she seems to know it is me but if Daniel puts his hands there then she stops moving. So, sometimes I just have him hold my stomach to temporarily relieve me from the pain of her kicks.

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