Wednesday, April 4, 2012


04/03 WEEK 35

So, this past week I had a doctor appointment and I keep getting bigger and bigger. I am still measuring large and in charge of course. Other than that there was nothing new at this doctor appointment. The next appointment will be more eventful since it is my 36 week check up. Marne’ and the girls threw me a baby shower on March 31. Nicole was in charge of making the invites and mailing them out. I gave her a list of a few of my friends and family members and she took care of the list for Daniel’s family which is the Ruesch and Cazier side (Daniel’s dad and moms side) So, making a list for her was easy peasy she is the one who actually did all the foot work with addresses and such. I arrived at the baby shower which was at Marne’s house and it was decorated super cute with pinwheels they made and pretty much every color was at the shower. There was a lot of yummy food such as chocolate covered strawberries, pasta salad, veggies and dip, cookies and more. It was so cute and thought out. There were a ton of people that came to the baby shower and I loved it. They said pretty much everyone was there that was invited which is fantastic. Obviously there were a few people that weren’t but overall it was a full house. We got a ton of clothes, some toys, handmade blankets, diaper bag, hair accessories, a bouncer, towels and more. We literally scored!! I had a wonderful time and was so happy to see all the family since I hardly ever get to see Daniel’s extended family. After the shower Daniel came over (it was priesthood session for conference so he came over after that and after him, my dad and brothers went for dinner) and we stayed up talking with his sisters, mom and Aunt until like midnight. It was super fun.

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